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1 . Appreciation of Art in Florence, Italy

Art -loving women in here like a duck . The world’s top fine art and architecture gathered here . Michelangelo ‘s ” David ” , Florence Victoria Palace and Sandro Gio and profits , ” The Birth of Venus . ” You can own trip , you can play with the group .

But must remember to enjoy complete spiritual food , then enjoy the food of Florence – a cup of sweetness of the Italian ice cream (gelato). After all, no woman can refuse the temptation of sweets . And then a cup of hot chocolate , walk through the Arno river , revel in the fragrant beauty of food and pleasing to the eye .


2 . Miami South Coast

Like to focus and act as the focus of the sisters on Miami ‘s south coast rush . Here is the best venue to show off attractive appearance . In the white sandy beach on a big show of hot bikini , wild nightclubs to show you beautiful makeup and clothing .

Miami also has a well-known Key, is the city ‘s most beautiful scenery the land . The island is Key Biscayne. RickenbackerCauseway scenery on both sides , good and definitely in South Florida . To travel KeyBiscayne, pay a dollar toll , but simply enjoy sea views on both sides have been worthwhile. This Easter holiday , the most suitable day trip , a young and old .


3 . French Provence lavender flowers of

Provence lavender in Provence, southern France , from the date of birth on her carefully guarded secret , until the arrival of the British Bidemeier , Provence has a unique life style long before the veil of gradually exposing Open . Mel ‘s pen in the ” Provence “is no longer a mere geographical name , but also represents a simple and worry-free , easy lazy way of life , a Chongrubujing , see Pretrial to blossom ; fate of intention , Hope heaven Yunjuanyunshu the leisurely mood . If travel is to get rid of the shackles of life , make you forget all Provence .

Flirtatious women eager to stretch or escape to enjoy the quiet heart , Provence ready for you all that , life here is simple and noble , the pace slowed down here alone , properly puff forget Kusaka , taste delicious Cheese is also a rare realm of life .

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4 . Sahuan Las Vegas

In Las Vegas , women can enjoy the most luxurious treatment. Numerous nightclubs and luxury day spa and top restaurants in it as well. Came to Las Vegas , naturally take a chance, but there are even more tempting beauty center and shopping mall waiting for your patronage . This ” Sin City “seems inherently created for the woman .


5 . New York Shopping

Woman to man , here we get to Paradise. Whether high-end brand design or common discount goods , whether written or electronic products , all kinds of merchandise can be found in the New York tracks . From the SOHO area to Madison Avenue , Fifth Avenue luxury jewelry store , you must be the same as do not want to miss .


6 . the United States Sedona Soul Journey talc State Park

Fascinated by the female outdoor sports must go Sedona . Here, you can climb all day Red Rock , and finally enjoy a comfortable spa massage . For his heart to do a thorough introspection or meditation to get peace and quiet soul .

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Leonardo – DiCaprio : I’m not dreaming of the person

Hollywood actor Leonardo DiCaprio has a strong mass base in China , I believe most of the girls in the bedroom after 80 have been posted “Jack “poster , all because in 1998 the Department of madness that”Titanic”. That year ‘s OscarAwards, “Titanic” Total Annihilation and the male and female , but that does not matter , after which Leonardo has been lost and there have been struggling with the halo of the foolhardy idol , until he met Ma Dingse can Sith gave him Approximate and completely changed . “The Aviator” ” The Departed “” closed island “Let him slowly into acting school . Leonardo starred in the last two years continuously , an unhappy marriage , the role of mental depression , brows are locked tighter and tighter. To promote her new film ” Pirates of the dream space ” DiCaprio telephone interview , said the role of the troubled star to get his unique life experience . Take the Chinese audience , ” even if you jump I will not dance (If You Jump I Will Not Jump With you) ” and ” Titanic “Classic lines for comparison, that mature men do not believe in love , he responded that he is like Jack And Rose ‘s love and the love of Cobb and his wife, as is unforgettable .

On the Creation of ” Pirates of the Dream ” in real life I do not want Pirates of the dream and the dream of planting

Reporter: real life, there had been a dream confused ? ” Pirates of the dream space “after their dreams will have a different understanding ?

Leonardo DiCaprio (hereinafter referred to Leonardo ) : I was not dreaming, and also on the dream never had any idea this issue . I have read some books on dream interpretation , Freud ‘s ” Interpretation of Dreams ” and so on , trying to get some inspiration to those inside the book . Later, I found the film entirely克里斯诺兰understanding of the dreams and imagination , which has a unique structure , rules, these are also one of Nolan ‘s creative content . To this end, I have to do is basically the next two months, Gesanchawu to Jiugen Chris sat together to talk , understand , analyze this dream where he created all .

Reporter: shooting , there are no confusing , I do not know when why they ? The film can be complicated enough .

Leonardo : the structure of the story is very ambitious . Nolan the director said at the beginning was one of us , going to six different location around the world to shoot , so once again from the visual experience of the script , the feeling is very shocking . This is the charm of the film can bring . Can you clearly identify the circumstances , every dream is a new experience.

Reporter : Do you play the Pirates of the dreamer can implant ideas . If you really have this ability , you most want to do that?

Leonardo : there are people in Europe and the United States asked around this issue, my answer is the same in : I Buhui use这种super abilities Bu Hui Xiang invade other people as the film ‘s Sirenkongjian . Control of other people thought the film in the idea, I think this is the fate of others in the upset , I do not want to do anything with the thing.

Love like Jack Cobb about the same as unforgettable love

Reporter: The film “Even if you jump I will not dance (If You Jump I Will Not Jump With you) ” in the dialogue , is that you on the “Titanic “and” You jump I jump (You Jump I Jump) ” pay tribute to it?

Leonardo : ” Pirates of the dream of space ” is a movie about love . Cobb , in reality lost his beloved wife , can only dream to continue with her ” with ” , that means he loves her . Although the film takes place in a dream, but one of the love story is very real . Like “Titanic” Li Jieke and love , like Ross , Cobb and his wife love is unforgettable .

Reporter : Do you see how real love ? In reality, you look forward to marriage?

Leonardo : Love ? Love is a very wonderful ah . I do not want to answer the latter question , I am sorry .

Reporter: In the ” closed island ” and ” Pirates of the dream space ” of the role of the many similarities , they have lost a beloved wife. How do you think these two roles ?

Leonardo : The two films have similarities . ” closed island “role often to see hallucinations , ” Pirates of the dream space ” Cobb was not distinguish reality and dreams . ” Pirates of the dream space ” in the role of indulging in the dream, he locked themselves in their own consciousness to create the prison ; while ” closed island ” role to strongly break free from their illusion out .

On Oscar

Ultimately decided by the audience and the critic

Reporter: ” large “( he was on a movie shown in China ) , we almost do not see you clear the screen, smile , and why you get so serious ? Or say you like the serious , profound role?

Leonardo : I choose these roles , mainly because of their emotional resonance can be . Many of them find themselves in trouble , I think playing them gives me the opportunity to experience their unique life. I never thought about it I like what type of role , I just leap of faith .

Reporter: If the ” closed island ” and ” Pirates of the dream space ” of choice, which one do you think with Oscar nominated for best actor to grasp more ?

Leonardo : I do not know the final outcome is decided by the audience and critics , and they are the referees . This is not about I can .

Reporter : In the past few years you have had with many large co- director , Martin Scorsese is one of more cooperation , and ” Pirates of the dream space ” director Christopher Nolan is a young director , co-operation with both of them What is the difference of place?

Leonardo : I am fortunate to work with these great directors . Great director , why can successfully shoot a Decree audience ponder another classic movie ? I think the reason is that they grasp the entire film . In the studio , he is very flexible, imaginative , full of the performance space to the actors . I would like to talk to their commonality , for example, they are well into the film they want to see what they are confident .

On the “Titanic”

After the film I can choose the role

Reporter : Because “Titanic” , you become a household name in China, the star . From the film shown in China for 12 years , you look back at this film like?

Leonardo : Because “Titanic” success , I was able to choose their favorite star in the film . I have deep feelings of the film , often think of the scene was shot . Until today, I was good friends with Kate Winslet . The reason why this film so successful because it attracted a worldwide audience sympathy , I can become a member of the film feel very honored . After the film I was able to control their own career , acting talent to become a .

Reporter : Recently, the role of the psychological drama of your very challenging , there did not feel pain ? How do you in the role of conversion in real life ?

Leonardo : What is interesting is the role you have to feel the pain of heart , when it is able to show more real . Of course, you want to distinguish between acting and real life . Every time I interpret a role in the success of the heart will feel a sense of achievement after , but it will not confuse the roles and real life . Video taken 4-5 months time , that is my real life , I want to work every day , like how to perform better , it is like to own a vacation life , experience the life of others . My conversion is to tell yourself this is just a job , after I got home I own . For me, the reality and role of the conversion is not a problem .

Reporter: I heard that you will star in Aquaman ( diving Xia )?

Leonardo : my film production company is shooting Aquaman, also is negotiating with Warner Bros. the cooperation of several other films . For me , so far have not moved my heart to star in a super hero role . But everything is possible , who knows? My father was a comic book dealer , I was a kid favorite is the Sub-Mariner ( Sea Prince ), he is Marvel Comics version of Aquaman.

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The most beautiful exotic underwater transparent biological What?

Big world of wonders, following these underwater creatures transparent or nearly transparent, does not mean they all will be revealed. On the contrary, there is no color that they can not only help them escape predators. At the same time, with good transparency also make him more beautiful and precious, of course, also greatly increased its potential extinction. Do not know for decades or centuries, we still can not see them all. 1, transparent sea squirt bottle Previously used as a fairly simple basic forms of marine life, sea squirt bottle, and now is considered the planet’s most efficient biological carbon sequestration. According to scientists estimated that one third of the carbon dioxide produced by humans, can be disposed of sea squirt bottle. They often eat phytoplankton, and excretion of a dense carbon-rich globular stool, these droppings will quickly sink to the seabed. Sea squirt bottle is almost completely transparent, only their stomach will expose their location. Bottles of sea squirts are social animals, they are often connected together to form like in the complex structure.

2, transparent “glass frog”

This peculiar shape of frogs living in Venezuela and the Amazon and Orinoco River basin, are forward-looking star frog amphibian species Branch (Centrolenidae) family, they can not hear most of the body is a green lemon green, abdominal skin is transparent, Therefore, careful observation of the naked eye can find them as long as the heart, liver and digestive tract can glance from the transparent skin.

3, head transparent deep-sea fish

This physical structure of strange deep-sea fish called a “bucket of fish eyes” (Barreleye) found that in 1939, when specimens of this deep-sea fish rise from the seabed surface in the process of Shanghai, suffered great destruction. Their scientific name is “Macropinna microstoma”, its most unusual place is a long tube with transparent barrel head and eyes. Its eyes are very sensitive to light, and can freely rotate, they can, through a transparent, liquid-filled head at the top of the head to watch the game, its barrel tubular eyes embedded in his head, covered by the bright green of the vitreous . When the head appeared above the prey, their eyes will rotate upwards, were observed through the transparent head; the fish head is not above the compound eyes of two small spots, but it’s nostrils, which have the human nose similarities.

4, transparent amphipods

This transparent amphipods of the scientific name is “Phronima”, it is the recent discovery in the Arctic deep-sea mountain range in one of a number of exotic species. To survive, such as tiny shrimp like marine life from the inside to the field itself revealed, in hope that this escape predators, and thus transparent disappear. It is reported that many deep-sea environment, small organisms are good at transparency, it will be easy to better themselves and their environment in the stealth camouflage.

5, amazing transparent jellyfish

Jellyfish swimming in the water it is possible the door coelenterate family member, their footprints all over every ocean, from ocean surface to the depths. Many jellyfish are transparent, that people sometimes can not see its traces. As shown, this is a Arctapodema type jellyfish, its length was 2.5 cm (1 inch).

Is now with the ocean water temperature increases, their number will rapidly increase. Jellyfish often appear to be transparent, they will use this advantage sneaking into fish, the prey fish near them. Meanwhile, with the glass squid and other deep-sea marine animals, such a transparent jellyfish near the use of bioluminescence to attract prey, and then use their tentacles to catch. Comb jellyfish in the figure show the beautiful rainbow colors, on the other marine animals, their appeal is very deadly.

6, transparent squid

Transparent squid live in the southern marine environment, its scientific name is called “Teuthowenia pellucida”, with its eyes on the long optical organs and body with his ability to drive into a ball like a hedgehog as aquatic. It is the many deep-sea fish prey, such as: clown sharks, whales and seabirds.

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Why is it increased global warming Antarctic ice?

A new study, said meteorologist successfully cracked the Antarctic sea ice area of the big global warming still on increasing trend in the context of the mystery, but this trend may soon be reversed, the Antarctic sea ice melting faster will soon speed up.

Increased due to the natural process of sea ice

According to the implementation of the study led the U.S. Georgia Institute of Technology scientist Ji-Ping Liu (transliteration) introduction of satellite data show that over the past 30 years, Arctic sea ice area is shrinking, while the Antarctic sea ice area has mysteriously increased. He said: “We have seen this conflict, but do not know why – the latest research reveal this mystery.” Based on the latest analysis from 1950 to 2009 the climate models and sea surface temperature and precipitation.

The results show that, in the 20th century, ocean temperatures over the Antarctic upper atmosphere promote increased precipitation, precipitation in the way of snow fell on the ground. Increase the amount of snow makes the uppermost layers of the marine lower salinity, density decreased correspondingly. These levels become more stable, to avoid changes in density produces a warm deep ocean currents increase, and then melting sea ice.

Ji-Ping Liu pointed out that satellite data show Antarctic sea ice in the 20th century may be mainly due to increase in the natural process, but in the 21st century, it was not the case, scientists estimated that human-induced global warming dominate the Antarctic climate, sea-induced rapid melting of ice. New study, with the increase of greenhouse gases continue to heat up the ocean around Antarctica, the Antarctic precipitation will be more the form of rain, rapid melting of snow and ice.

The results, published in the latest issue of “National Academy of Sciences” magazine. The study says the more the ice melted, the sun is absorbed into the ocean the more the number, not by sea reflection into the atmosphere. A result, a further rise in ocean temperatures, melting more sea ice at the same time. According to scientists predict, from the natural changes to the warming due to greenhouse gases will soon begin the transition staged.

North and south poles of different eco-systems

LIU Ji-ping said: “I can not predict the exact year, but certainly in this century.” He said, from a biological point of view, Ocean surrounding Antarctica is the world’s most fertile waters, sea ice reduction may be “the Antarctic marine ecosystem have a significant impact. “, for example, many species rely on the Antarctic sea ice hunting and survival. Environmentalists said the Antarctic sea ice is subjected to one of the largest animal to reduce the threat that if the warming trend continues, many penguins from the Earth.

Ji-Ping Liu pointed out that the reduction of sea ice on ocean currents will affect the activities of the world: the Antarctic Ocean near the planet’s temperature minimum, maximum density of water, they are the ocean “global conveyor belt” (for three-quarters of marine organisms to provide nutrients loop mode) of “dominant driver” one. U.S. National Snow and Ice Data Center scientists Walter – Mel (Walt Meier), said the latest research results are not surprising, since they predicted before the match, that Antarctic sea ice disappears in the speed.

Mel said: “This is common sense – it has been proven model of physics.” Meyer said the latest study also help to eliminate a common misconception: the Arctic and Antarctic sea-ice reduction trend of sea ice will increase in balance, so the overall impact on Earth would not talk. This is not true, because the different ecosystems north and south poles.

Impact of the Antarctic ozone hole

According to Meyer describes, Arctic sea ice formation will take years, through several quarters, while the Antarctic sea ice formation and melting of each year, more subject to wind, air temperature, ocean circulation rather than domination. He said that this does not mean that the melting temperature lead to the phenomenon (such as the Arctic sea ice changes) will not occur in the Antarctic, but this process with a much longer time. National Center for Atmospheric Research senior scientist Kevin – Telunbosi (Kevin Trenberth) said there is a major new study omission: the black hole of the ozone layer.

Scientists said that during the summer, the ozone hole produced bright clouds to resist global warming played a “shield” role. New research shows that, with the ozone-depleting chemicals phased out use of CFCs, the ozone hole over Antarctica may eventually disappear. Dissipation in the clouds reflecting sunlight after the Southern Hemisphere temperature rise may be faster than the model predicted current speed.

Telunbosi wrote in an e-mail, the ozone hole is “Antarctica is not warming as the rest of the world as the reason. As some computer models indicate that, given how the ozone hole will recover, largely depend on developments, the latest paper did not address these areas. “Ji-Ping Liu also believe that changes in the Antarctic ozone hole on the sea ice play a role, but he said this is not the main reasons:” I’m still not sure

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Why the gold price over Soapstone?

Soapstone is called “post rock”, a result of scarcity, the second because of the special use. Rare, because only China has the world’s, first discovered in China Zhejiang Changhua Yu gora Soapstone Soapstone. Later found Balin Right Banner of Chifeng City, Inner Bahrain bloodstone. 90’s again in the 20th century in Shaanxi, Gansu, Sichuan, Hunan, Yunnan, found bloodstone. Now we Changhua cinnabar (mercury) is approaching the end, so production is very limited Soapstone produced, so Bloodstone by mining a long history of surviving less and the most precious. While useful, are generally used for seals and sculptures, high-brow the seal, especially the seal, as well as gifts of international friendship. Such as the Kangxi and Qianlong, Xianfeng, Tongzhi Xuantong Emperor, Empress Dowager Cixi are Bloodstone as Po Xi, Chairman Mao Zedong also had the use and collection of Bloodstone.

Soapstone is called “post rock”, a result of scarcity, the second because of the special use. Rare, because only China has the world’s, first discovered in China Zhejiang Changhua Yu gora Soapstone Soapstone. Later, Balin Right Banner of Chifeng City in Inner Mongolia found in Bahrain bloodstone. 90’s again in the 20th century in Shaanxi, Gansu, Sichuan, Hunan, Yunnan, found bloodstone. Now we Changhua cinnabar (mercury) is approaching the end, so production is very limited Soapstone produced, so Bloodstone by mining a long history of surviving less and the most precious. While useful, are generally used for seals and sculptures, high-brow the seal, especially the seal, as well as gifts of international friendship. Such as the Kangxi and Qianlong, Xianfeng, Tongzhi Xuantong Emperor, Empress Dowager Cixi are Bloodstone as Po Xi, Chairman Mao Zedong also had the use and collection of Bloodstone.

The Legend of Soapstone

Soapstone true not only beautiful, but its bright red color of the just and the Chinese cultural tradition of respect for the red two-phase fit, so people can Exorcist yingxiangjie eyes, pray down blessing Swiss stone. Temple dedicated to Buddha with it for the material, the Quartet enthusiastic believers to come, and responsive, particularly efficacious. Sino-Japanese War period, some senior generals believe in bloodstone the “spirit” and even put it as lucky charm to carry the hope to go through fire and water, good luck.
And other names, like rock legend’s life experience has Bloodstone same load with a beautiful legend, the origin of the Changhua chicken blood has such a Phoenix off locusts, Die Yu of rock, moving story.

A long time ago, and now Chang Yu-yama area of fossil origin, year after year locust infestation, disease, and crops can not be long, people no Ning. Then a pair of Wizard beautiful Phoenix, Seeing this, it is mercy, determined to do this to people, pesticides, for the benefit of one party. Thus, they landed in the jade of rock, to eliminate the locusts, the plague dissipated, so that the local return to peace. Jade Iwayama of people extremely grateful to request to stay in Phoenix Jade Iwayama, living with them happy and generation Kangle Ping An. Phoenix is the people who touched the hearts of good faith, then settled in jade Iwayama, married.
But soon came a pair of jade of rock, the tyranny of Ukraine lion. They nest on the Phoenix mountain home were so beautiful, to create such a brilliant career, so loved by the people, very jealous, attempting to drive away Phoenix, Zhan Shan dominate. One day, Wu lion malicious challenge on the Phoenix. Phoenix is not afraid of evil, courage against, fought several times, defeated Ukraine lion. Ukraine does not stop there but the lion, do everything possible to look for opportunities, Yu Zhi Phoenix to death. Year after year, the opportunity came. While the female into the incubation period of Phoenix, Phoenix busy foraging male occasion, Ukrainian female lion take nothing to prepare for Phoenix, Phoenix Nest attack, stormed the female Phoenix. Phoenix rose up against the female several times repulsed Ukraine lion, but the end result are weak, are two Ukrainian Lions snapped a leg, blood flow through the jade gora. Phoenix return until the male and female Phoenix has been exhausted, difficult to move. Phoenix tears of grief hung his mouth, defeat Wu lion. In order to heal the wounds, they had to burying the birds, lions trampled the Phoenix egg, vacated away. Yamashita people deplore the extreme. They pray to the gods bless Phoenix requesting safe escape the temple, to give the jade to bring joy and happiness gora.
Phoenix birds can, people of prayer, a sense of heaven and earth. Jade Emperor sent the Crown Prince visited the truth down to earth, so that the jade of rock, king of the underworld Phoenix Dan blood spots into a beautiful stone, and give horizontal Dan Stone to gain good luck, evil spirits and promote good, evil cloth sign the power of love. Phoenix egg that has miraculously become a magnificent jade crystal, to the foot of the mountain people, brought great wealth. The evil lion Ukraine, see Phoenix has flown away, that jade can be of rock, from its own territory, and that the Phoenix eggs can also become your own meal. They once again came to Jade Iwayama, want to review the fool’s paradise. But they never imagined, when they set foot on Jade Iwayama and less close to the Phoenix Egg, Dan, that land of red stone immediately sent round after round of golden light, to burn the black lion Ukraine coke. Since then, Jade Iwayama to restore the harmony and joy, by the Phoenix and the Phoenix egg spots of blood into the stones have become today’s treasures. Due to this beautiful legend Soapstone Stone should have called the phoenix blood, but later generations found in the exploitation of its color and drops of freshly killed chickens are similar in jade, it used to called “bloodstone.”

Although the legend can not be trusted, but to Bloodstone adding to the mystery, romantic colors and enriched its cultural connotations. The so-called Bloodstone is said to ward off evil and families, has been passed so far. It is precisely because of its hundred years before dumping in many emperors, Poet Ascot, Fu Jia Juzi. In the Qing Dynasty, used Bloodstone engraving Yuxi of the King and Queen is the largest, with Qianlong, Jiaqing, Xianfeng, Tongzhi Xuantong, Empress, etc.. Meanwhile, the Soapstone is famous as a gem, officials in the Qing Dynasty costumes, the feathers of a red flower top as the highest grade, has on behalf of chicken blood red coral, carnelian red flower products for the decoration of the top honors.

Emperor Qianlong of a number of pieces of Bloodstone, Bao Xi. Which one is the “Qianlong Chen Han,” The Indian high 15.2 cm, surface 8.4 cm square, 24-year system in the Qing Emperor Qianlong (1759), many Bao Xi Qing Emperor Qianlong of the most beautiful. Of Wei Cheng Fang, Henan Province, is a Qing Dynasty sculpture teacher. Works drawn from the Qianlong toured in southern China’s beautiful scenery of West Lake swim, walk Lotus plexus Double-Crane, duck pond cross neck, played out underwater fish, dragonflies fluttering leaves Flowers, frogs, crabs jump with one of vitality. Lotus pond rocks on the shore side engraved with three, of which one goes: “Liantang ten miles, four from the breeze. Mandarin ducks fly not only in the Ouhua. The Spring Day over the West Lake, see Lotus brilliant, copy of in stone ……”。 Yang Wen its printed, engraved “Qianlong Chen Han.” Reportedly, this printed material is then Qing Gaozong first trip to the south to West Mount, giving the source Zen Temple Yubi wood “Heart Sutra” roll, abbot grateful, Bloodstone, carefully prepared this tribute. Gojong treasure, Long Yan Taiyue, then Chifeng as a “national treasure.”
As the Bloodstone in the “blood” is cinnabar, but the main raw material refining mercury, Bloodstone had suffered a traumatic experience of painful. Tons of ruby was thrown into the fire, burning waste, I do not know how many heavenly Putian. The value of re-discovery was in connection with a diplomatic incident.
Sino-Japanese diplomatic relations in 1972, Zhou Enlai carefully selected a pair of “Big Red Robe,” Bloodstone presented to visiting Japanese Prime Minister Tanaka, who is a surgeon Having seen playing rock and seal by Shen feel, Mr. Liu Youdan. Thus, Soapstone fame in Japan, giving rise to an upsurge of collection bloodstone. A large number of Japanese tourists to China, they will Soapstone as a preferred gift to take home. With this trend, the value of Soapstone regained people’s recognition of the growing collectors, the price rise, and become the new darling of today’s collection marketplace.

Bloody highest price

The main consideration Soapstone color collection, blood volume and hardness. First color is the first, because those who Soapstone respect for your red, tasting blood stone, first of all is to see “blood” red, with its fresh, pour, thick is better. Persons such as dripping of fresh red blood coagulation were together and not dispersed, those that have the thickness of thick layers deep through the rock layer. The more the bright red color of the more beautiful the more popular these days, but stressed the need of fresh, as if just out of the cock, the kind of rigid and sluggish red greatly reduced price. Second, to see blood. Soapstone pay attention not only to more blood, but also concentrated distribution. Usually a stone with 70% of the amount of blood is considered the top grade, 70% to 80% as the “Big Red Robe”, 80% of the Need for bloodstone. Continuous distribution of blood on the more expensive sheet, followed by linear blood, scatter blood more times. Finally look at the hardness, since the vast majority Soapstone seal used to seal for use, so the hardness is very important. Under the same conditions, the more beneficial the lower the hardness of stone carving, stone is more delicate and gentle, the price naturally high. General the hardness of less than 3 degrees Soapstone classified as soft, hardness higher than 3 degrees as hard. Soapstone in hard and less red varieties, reaching levels not collections.
Another Bloodstone Bloodstone land is an important basis for judging. Manner that is dyed red and what kind of stone. Soapstone land to pure, translucent, no nails and blood of the red color of pavilions for the top grade. Soapstone’s products could be divided into square, rectangular, oval, round, deformity, size, roughly 5 – 2 cm in diameter side is appropriate.

Soapstone delicate texture, with toughness, structure, does not collapse by the knife, is doing a good seal material. Experts said the increase is not good Soapstone carving. Red “chicken blood” outside the background there are black, white, yellow, green, blue, Hui He, purple, blue and other basic colors, plus shades of shades of all colors are blended into a natural muddy, do not to artificial cloud-riding god, has constituted a pattern depicting the natural beauty. “You could say that any increase in general for the carving of the chicken blood cover the defect is less than the expensive.”

In addition, as the two main origin of today’s Bloodstone, Bahrain Soapstone color instability, not polymer powder color, easily oxidized dark; and Bloodstone Bloody together and not dispersed, the same quality, the market price than Bloodstone Bahrain Soapstone high, learn to distinguish. In addition, we must learn to distinguish the true and false Bloodstone. Soapstone’s hardness is low, real blood as “blood” inside out by three-dimensional distribution of layered color gradient process is layered, and the lack of fake red blood stone level, to see more and more experience than would have.

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Why light bulbs made of pear?

Light bulb filament is made of tungsten metal. Power applied, the filament heating temperature reaches above 2500 ℃. Sublimation of tungsten at high temperatures, some tungsten filament particles did give the surface came out, settling on the bulb wall. Over time, black light bulbs will reduce the brightness and lighting effects.

Scientists are down and the gas flow characteristics of the movement, in the light bulb on a small amount of inert gas-filled, and the light bulb made of pear. This inert gas flow inside the bulb, the tungsten evaporation largely black particles to the gas volume above the sediment in the neck bulb, light bulb around and can reduce the impact of the bottom, to keep the glass transparent, so that bulb is not affected.

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