Able to “bend” up the bike like?

Kevin Scott was playing with his invention of the folding bike

 Kevin Scott will be a bike folded and tied to a pillar

 United Kingdom only young Kevin Scott, 21, recently invented a folding bicycle theft, are free to bend.  This bike will be fixed on the lamp posts after the collapse, not an ordinary lock or chain, a bike will not be stolen.

 The principle of this bike is simple.  Kevin traditional bicycle straight shape of the beam, a change of design, to transform it into a number of interconnected “joint” — can be used as a bike straight when the beam, a linking; when you need storage When the bike, using beams “joint” of the bending characteristics of a bike rider will be able to fold into a circle to surround the lamp posts, and then fixed the beams and wheels, a bike was firmly locked.

 British media on the 8th to the young man’s invention, known as a “revolutionary achievement.”

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 Kevin said that heavy traffic in London gave him a creative inspiration.  On the one hand the number of stolen bicycles in London more and more, on the other hand is that people need to protect the environment, the number of cyclists who travel also on the rise.  They have encountered a problem — how to lock your car.

 Kevin said he invented the core is to solve this problem.  Lamp posts everywhere the streets of London, became the new bike lock car place.  This saves space, and do not look for a special parking lot.

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 According to official statistics of London, London, every day more than 52 bicycles stolen.


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