Four Great Inventions of how the West preaching?

As we all know, during the early Western Han Chinese working people had invented papermaking, has appeared wadding and hemp fiber paper.  105 Eastern Han Cai Lun improved papermaking, paper, plant fibers appeared.  6 century, papermaking spread Korea 、Vietnam and  Japan 。 .

 The invention of paper changed the course of development of Chinese society, but also on the world History Made important contributions to the development.  Papermaking is how it spread to the West?  In the end who the paper sent to the West?  This is from an international Central Asia War  Let’s talk about.

The mid-8th century, the rise of the Arab Empire in the West invaded the Central Asian region, the total elimination of Persia, and to combat erosion in Central Asia, so as to rock the country to have a letter on behalf of the Akitake Jiu Xing Tang dynasty emperor, a request to send troops to support the central authorities.

 751, the court ordered Western army led by general CHANGJI advance in Central Asia, trying to stabilize the situation.  But regrettably, just the size of the recent conquest of Bo Law CHANGJI up to become arrogant, he led soldiers from the multi-ethnic composition of District 30 000 Fan Han army, has been deeply shocked to northern Central Asia, Sri Lanka banks of logic (now Bull River near the city of Kazakhstan), did not expect the occurrence of a large-scale hard-fought. He violated the Tang Dynasty established the policy of appeasement of the minority government temporarily succumbed to the Arab empire cruel blow, especially to kill the Shiguo Guo Wang.  The move shocked the Akitake Jiuxing countries, they have stone backward country under the leadership of the Arab Prince Imperial side.  Results DA Rice and the Arab army patrol encounters, Tang Jun isolated and caught in a dangerous situation.

 World War II began, both military edge Sheng, did not decide who will win a five-day standoff.  But suddenly, “Ge Luolu Tribes betrayal, and attack from a large food Tang Jun, Xianzhi defeated, his soldiers died doing what, before the remainder of thousands of people.”  According to Barthold, “Turkestan” and Sha Wan “Western Turks historical” record: After the war, the Arab general Qiyadeyi Surrey with the thousands of prisoners back to Tang Jun Samarkand.

 These are captured in Tang Junshi soldiers, many of whom are craftsmen paper.  Abbasid dynasty, the first caliph Abouab pull Sisafahe paper specially set up in Samarkand workshop, please craftsmen such paper work for the Arab Empire.

 Not long after, started to produce a kind of a high quality paper, known in the western world, is known as Samarkand paper.  Later, Arabs, Chinese workers also requested to report up to (at the time Germany had Abbasid dynasty), the establishment of paper mills, in paper.  In this way, the Arabs have grasped the technical paper.

 China’s papermaking technique was taken resulting all over Central and West Asia in the 13th century it spread to Europe by the Arabs, and then further spread to the Americas and other parts of the world.

 Four Great Inventions of how the West preaching?

 Papermaking, printing, gunpowder and the compass are four great inventions of ancient China, their appeared deeply affected and changed human society and history of the development process.  So, in addition to papermaking, the other a number of invention is how the West preaching it?

 Compass.  Warring States Period of China led the characteristics of people according to the invention of magnetic guide, “Sinan.”  Song will use the needle guide when the latter installed on the compass, made compass for navigation.

 Southern Song Dynasty, Chinese and foreign maritime trade and navigation with the development, the compass spread to India, Arabia, Persia and other countries, the opening of new routes and to achieve global navigation to provide an important condition.

 Printing.  Sui and the Buddhist woodblock printing and has been poetry, the earliest extant in the world is the 868 woodblock prints produced in China in the “Diamond Sutra” test paper.

 The 11th century, Song Bi Sheng invented movable type, four hundred years earlier than in Europe.  After the invention of movable type, with the development of foreign trade activities, spread eastward Korea, Japan, Egypt and Europe spread westward, changing only the monks were able to study in Europe and the situation of higher education.

 Gunpowder.  The invention of gunpowder comes from the ancient Chinese alchemy.  Tang dynasty, gunpowder began to be used for military, Song has been in the military when the powder is widely used, Song Shiyou developed.

 Jin firearms manufacturing industry developed, had defeated the Mongol army with firearms.  As the 13th century gunpowder in China’s Western Expedition of Mongolia and spread to the Arabian army, after the Arabs introduced to Europe.

 Can be said of the four major inventions westward spread around the world, from the economic, cultural and military fields promoted the rapid development of the whole Renleiwenming, is the Chinese people’s great social contribution to mankind.


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