History of the cattle which the strange hotel?

 Ever thought of going to sleep in a cage, sleep upside down or underwater housing in it?  There are unusual from around the world hotel.

 Mirror Room – Propeller Island City Hotel, Berlin

 Mirror Room of dizziness

 Berlin mirror room hotel, lying in bed, have not seen countless themselves, such as being spied upon, or bouts of dizziness feel it?

 Dog Bark Park Hotel – Idaho, USA

Kennel inside the music comes first

 In the kennel to eat, to live is not a bad thing.  This is “the artist saw” the imagination to play a full 12 feet high designed to hound the hotel, from the dog’s tail into a warm nest.

 Das Park Hotel – Austria, Linz

 Cement pipe hostels

 Who would have thought this would be very comfortable hotel to live up it?  This use of sewers renovated into a hotel, with a strong post-industrial atmosphere, is fortunate that it is located in the Danube River, clean and convenient.

 Old Prison Hotel – Mt Gambier, South Australia

 Gloomy prison hostels

 Former inmates of the prison is expected to stay safe, activities room, but it has not been great changes, and now they expect their home locked the door from the inside.  Face bright, ventilation, spacious rooms will be yawning travelers would see the hotel bar.

 Tomb room – Propeller Island City Hotel, Berlin

 Coffin to sleep, you dare?

 Phase Bi Gete-style beds, deep sleepers may be more willing to choose this hotel is not terrible, but the maze part of those who associate with dancing in the coffin bed.

Two lion cage room – Propeller Island City Hotel, Berlin

 And the lion sleeps

 The hotel offers a variety from mild to extreme theme housing.  The room has two lion cages, a two-way mirror inside the next room of the exhibition can be readily seen.

 Mine works of art house – Propeller Island City Hotel, Berlin

 Mine operations Lounge

 In the “living art” of the other rooms, guests have the opportunity to choose a sleeping mat, or inside next to a mine.

 Ice Hotel – Sweden

 Ice Hotel

 In Sweden, this is called “Icehotel” ice hotel is entirely made of ice and snow build.  Built every winter, summer melting.  Hotels inside the walls, fixtures and furniture.

 Forest Lodge – Sweden

 Forest Lodge

 In Sweden Kolarbyn, visitors are likely to be left behind in a dense forest, lived in a humble forest cottage fend for themselves.  Of course, you can choose to food airdrops.

 Rescue cans Hotel – The Hague

 Rescue cans hostels

 In The Hague, there is a bright orange hotel is made of life-saving construction can, of course, anchor hotel to use up.  Check here for hotel guests in sleeping bags and similar to James Bond to provide a quantitative eat food.


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