North Korean tourism in any particular?

 Fear is the only gesture

 Travel to North Korea, history mark everywhere, a serious and mysterious country, bringing feelings of those unusual tour, maybe this is the true meaning of travel.

 Shun River in Pyongyang in front of airport terminals, the late North Korean leader Kim Il Sung hung a huge portrait, but the flight attendants will not allow you to shoot.  Out of the cabin, team leader would “collect” Everyone’s cell phone – into the mobile communication tools will be prohibited in Korea, must be kept by the Customs. After all hand luggage has been opened to accept check, and even a private diary is no exception.  Although only a passenger aircraft, but the security they often spend more than an hour.  The airport, the staff all looked serious, sternest.  If you look around at this time along the entire River International Airport, will feel were some scary quiet.

Tourism is also a mysterious

  After the car into the Pyongyang City, travelers will be a kind of feeling into the barracks, it seems that is filled with military presence.  According to statistics, every 23 among the Korean people have an active duty, this projection, North Korea has more than 100 million people in the Conventional Armed Forces in the fifth row of numbers.  The status of military personnel in the country’s high income is also among the best.  Guide is given in order of income: the military, scientists, professors and workers.  But she also admitted that tourism practitioners in the economy, also belong to the upper.  If asked about the specific tour income, she Bacheng would say “less than 100 yuan,” asked to use “secret” get away with – this is a favorite of local guides as a word.  Scenery along the way whenever visitors request made explanations, they somehow tend to be rejected, if pressed again, it will make things difficult and said: “confidential.”  Wenzhou opened the first department store in Pyongyang news has provoked much discussion in the country, but if a request made to visit Eighty per cent of would be strongly rejected on the grounds of course, are: “Confidential.”

 Pyongyang International Cultural Center, Pyongyang International Cinema

 The rules are simple construction

 Pyongyang city full of boxy 20-story tall buildings around, though monotonous built form, but also appears uniform.  Shenyang, the tour visited Miss is proud to introduce Road: “North Korea and China have many different place, but there are many variables, such as in China, high-rise is the government 机关, banking, telecommunications, but here are all residents of the housing … … ”

 These tall residential building located in the middle of the gray, is more spectacular students Pyongyang Children’s Palace, Grand People’s Study Hall, Mansudae Art Theatre, the Pyongyang Grand Theatre, People’s Army acrobatics Institute, the International Film Center, Cultural Center Maxima large number of public cultural facilities, etc..  But Pyongyang is still more magnificent landmark Mansudae monument, founding monument, Monument to Three Charters, Kim Il Sung, Juche Tower and Tower eternal life.  Of course, the famous Arch of Triumph in Pyongyang.  This guide will certainly proudly said: “We want to than Paris’s Arc de Triomphe is also higher than 10 meters!”

 The streets of the beautiful landscape

 Quiet and orderly city

 Tree-lined streets of Pyongyang, the gray tone of the city because there appears to have some of these green energy.  In addition there is no birch, Pyongyang’s urban landscape like Moscow.  But the difference is that Pyongyang does not traffic jams – on the road are very few vehicles, roads and no vehicles parked everywhere.  Therefore, some tour guides will proudly say: Pyongyang is the capital of no exhaust pollution.

 Pyongyang is a very quiet city, not motor vehicles roaring through the night, no pedestrians, noisy, noisy, not to pass out of loudspeakers along the street cries and the roar of machinery on construction sites.  Urban flat, had the most convenient bicycle, but people prefer to walk not ride in Pyongyang, is said to be behind do not want to create the impression of outsiders.  Direct traffic in the streets are mostly female traffic police, who dressed in blue police uniforms, command action meticulous, tall and straight posture as sculpture generally.

 Liu Jing Hotel – “alternative to standard”

 Pyongyang’s “alternative to standard”

 Korea on Pyongyang to stay all tours.  Special reception of foreign tourists Yanggakdo hotel is a landmark of the city, towering in the Datong River horns on the island, there are 48 layers high.  In fact, in 1987, Pyongyang had also started to build a more magnificent gold cone construction – 105 layers Ryugyong Hotel, its new shape and the dizzying height aroused worldwide attention, and later because of insufficient funds delays in completion.  So far the bare framework has gone through nearly 20 years of wind and sun, the world’s one of the most spectacular residential flats, but also a city of Pyongyang’s “alternative to standard.”

 North Korea did not highways, but very few vehicles on highways, the speed quickly.  Tour Bus is mostly obsolete, Pyongyang city without taxi, bus is extremely crowded, often rely on walking.  Cities seem to have very little to see long-distance bus, the main inter-city one-way ride is as follows: 2 hours Pyongyang to Kaesong, Pyongyang to Nampo 2 hours, Pyongyang to myohyang-san a half hours.  Pyongyang Metro and the Moscow metro, as is built deep underground, is said to air defense, anti-nuclear.  Was arranged for foreign tourists traveling alone a car, and the Korean Gechuang sea.

 People learn City Hall

 Transportation tips:

 Immigration Transportation:


 Crossed the Yalu River from Dandong car into North Korea Sinuiju, which is the main tourist port to go to Korea, and then after 5.5 hours by train to Pyongyang.


 Macau occasional charter flights to Pyongyang, Beijing fly to Pyongyang, China Southern Airlines recently launched (Mon, Fri) Shenyang / Pyongyang aircraft, about 50 minutes.  Korean Air Koryo flight: Pyongyang – Beijing from (every Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday), Pyongyang – Shenyang from (every Wednesday, Saturday) Sunan International Airport in Sichuan airport. No periodic domestic routes.  There are regular international flights to Pyongyang – Beijing, Pyongyang – Shenyang, Pyongyang – Bangkok.


 International trains every Monday, three, four, six were from outside Beijing and Pyongyang.

 Major ports port Chongjin, Nampo, Wonsan, Hungnam, Rajin so.

 Domestic traffic:

 Pyongyang city transport mainly metro, trams, trolley buses, buses and taxis.  Taxi less need hotel reservations, bar general less than a taxi on the road.  Team bus tour provided by travel agents, such as to Panmunjom or myohyang-san, are generally the same day traveling back and forth.

 China-DPRK border city of Sinuiju to Pyongyang full more than 240 km, train or bus had to take more than six hours to arrive. The total length of more than 77,500 km roads.  Have been built in Pyongyang – Nampo, Pyongyang – Wonsan, Pyongyang – Kaesong highway and Pyongyang – myohyang-san Tourist Road.  Subway built in 1968,1978 in two lines, in addition, a taxi should be booked in advance.

 (Note: Tourism and accurate information to publish information on the main ticket center)

 Korean Clothing

 Travel in Korea during the Korean tour guide will lead tourists to the Korean Tourism Tourism Bureau friends designated 1-2 “Friendship Store” shopping to buy some for free travel with your goods (you can not North Korea is the national supply system to the general store to buy products) .

 Korean Friendship Store is a foreign exchange shop, mainly for foreigners and Koreans holding foreign currency purchases, the Korean state-run stores, where visitors are free to shopping complex, there is no domestic tourists to get a rebate shopping tour guides say.  Here, you do not have to exchange Korean currency, the yuan or U.S. dollars can be used directly to purchase.

 Korean exquisite embroidery

 Shopping Recommendation:

Korean ginseng, Korean stamps, Korean dishes, Korean pottery, Korean calligraphy, Korean embroidery, ethnic clothing.


 Korean Friendship Store is a foreign exchange shop, mainly for foreigners and Koreans holding foreign currency purchases, the Korean state-run stores, where visitors are free to shopping complex, there is no domestic tourists to get a rebate shopping tour guides say.

Memory History – Kaesong

 Main attractions:

Pyongyang: A large number of landmarks to visit the main monuments such as the Wanshou National Taiwan University, Kim Il Sung Square, Chollima statue, Juche Tower, Arc de Triomphe, founding monument, etc., as are the open squares and monuments, so I do not need to purchase tickets.  Children’s Palace in Pyongyang, where students can watch the taekwondo and dance performances.

 Nampo: West Sea of Korea is located in the sea, can visit the West Sea locks and Mangyongdae Kim Il Sung’s former residence.

 Open City (Panmunjom): Conference site visit to the Korean War, the Korean Armistice signing conference hall.

 Myohyang-san: Pyongyang North Scenic Area, high mountains, dense forests, fresh air, gurgling streams, crystal clear.

 Myohyang-san built next to the Korean International Friendship Exhibition, display a Kim Il Sung, his son Kim Jong Il received the national ceremony; nearby Fukenji.

 Special Experience

 Remove those magnificent building, to North Korea the most exciting performances by the 10 million people participated in large-scale gymnastics performance “Arirang”, it has been recognized as the world’s largest gymnastics and artistic performance, and was included in Kyrgyzstan Nice world record.  ~ August 1 every year on Oct. 10 for the Arirang performance period during which performance was held from time to time, the fare is 400 yuan / person.  If you do not catch up with the Arirang performance, you can watch the students performing schools and the Children’s Palace.  Chinese tourists are generally arranged to visit Pyongyang, the school is the first 6.9 secondary and higher secondary schools Mudanfeng, Children’s Palace for the Mangyongdae Children’s Palace and the Pyongyang Students Students Children’s Palace.  However, there are special circumstances can not visit, such as students leave and so on.


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