Sistine Chapel frescoes discovered a secret?

 Michelangelo in 1508 to 1512 created the Sistine Chapel frescoes


 God the neck (A) and human brain Photo (B) a perfect match. Picture C can clearly see God hidden in different parts of the brain in the neck

 U.S. neuroanatomy expert Yiensuke and 拉法尔塔玛 Hidalgo pointed out that Michelangelo in his most famous frescoes in the Sistine Chapel hidden brain anatomy, this view was published in “Neurosurgery” research papers in the journal.

 The experts found that in the murals, the God of the throat and chest abnormalities in the anatomical structure, which is the Sistine Chapel frescoes in any other scenes of people who did not appear.  Into a diagonal line from the bottom left of the picture when the light of God, God’s neck is directly illuminated, the experts will be photos with the human brain to compare and found two perfectly matched.  Robe in the middle of God extend to the roll of strange human fabric represents the spine, perhaps Michelangelo these details hidden information embedded as a mural.

 Currently, two from Baltimore, the Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine scientists are on the scene of the most west, the scene describes the God of light and darkness with both hands to separate.

 Two U.S. scientists is not the first mural at the site to see the world famous distinctive graphics people.  As early as 1990, doctors  Berger pointed out that the middle of the scene, “God created Adam” is a perfect cross section of human brain anatomy.

 University of Maryland, said Dr. Douglas Field Williams, for this discovery, there are many possible explanations.  In his “Scientific American” website issued a document: “” separation of light and darkness, “is the artist of the permanent conflict between science and religion in an interpretation of it? Michelangelo and the strained relations between the Catholic Church is no secret. This artists is also a person, he hated the church of extravagance and corruption. Sistine Chapel frescoes may not be the meaning of the expression of Adam, God-given wisdom, but wisdom, observation and body parts to control their own destiny for Adam and Church of God does not require direct request. ”

 Michelangelo is the greatest Italian Renaissance painter and sculptor of, but not widely known is that the great artists as one eager to learn anatomy.  He has to convince a Florentine, the hospital agreed to study the bodies of his church.  But in the end, he destroyed almost all of their anatomical sketches and notes.  According to Michelangelo’s last wish, the artist has not been buried in the Vatican, but buried in a tomb in Florence.  Michelangelo Sistine Chapel frescoes may be contempt of the church after the death of still another embodiment.


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