The world’s most curious tourist attractions have?

 Anthony house and its surrounding gardens and green spaces are used to making movies

 1, Cawsand, hat’s tea party

 Tim Burton and his actors to live in Cornwall on the East Coast, especially in Cawsand village.  National Trust property, houses and Anthony, one of the gardens and green space around it is used to make movies.  Starting from March 6, the Zhaizi will become paradise, you can visit Alice’s bedroom, across from the huge garden, you can also take part in the weekend’s tea party hat.

 Nazca lines

 2, Peru, the Nazca lines

 The odd lines and geological prints in 500 BC to 500 AD mosaic to the desert.  These patterns of birds, animals, and is called “astronauts” in the strange human. While no one for sure, but said that because the astronomical reasons, after a small plane where the passengers will feel motion sickness.

 Kilauea Volcano lava area

 3, Hawaii Big Island, Kilauea Volcano lava area

 Kilauea is the world’s most active volcano, surrounded by a rough hard lava area.  You can go to Volcanoes National Park, the internal heat Yamaguchi observation.  Or the observation plane from the air.  South of the island, you can see red hot lava fall of the ocean, sparking a new wave wave.

 Krakow Salt Mine

 4, Poland, Wieliczka, Krakow Salt Mine

 Into the Krakow Salt Mine Museum, visitors seem to have entered an underground lake, surrounded by eccentric sculptures salt system, where you can see the “Last Supper” in the little man and the “mine of God” in the shrine.  Visitors can also visit the castle made of salt.

Jellyfish Lake

 5, Micronesia, Palau Republic, Jellyfish Lake

 Republic of Palau Jellyfish Lake Jellyfish in the absence of predators, has no ability to stab people, they follow the sun every day swimming in the lake, slow down, you can swim with them.

 Bryce Canyon

 6, Utah, Bryce Canyon

 Odd-shaped rock is Bryce Canyon became now the abnormal shape causes, steeple, fins, erosion of the windows and the beautiful colored rock.  This small national park there are 1000 feet above sea level up to 9 mountains, is the best place for hiking.

 Desert Myth

 7, South Africa, namaqualand, desert myth

 Between August and October to namaqualand, you will be surprised to see this place turned into barren world of flowers. This is due to winter weather and cause rain.

 Ape Cave Home

 8, Turkey, Cappadocia, ape cave home

 As the role of these strange rock cave formed more than a vulgarity attractions, but also to offer visitors a chance to live in caves.  Some distinctive hotel is caused by the soft volcanic ash, very luxurious.

 Moon Valley

 9, Chile, Atacama Desert, Moon Valley

贫瘠而荒芜,安第斯山前陆的这块地方到处都是自然现象,如附近的水晶盐滩和只冒气不喷水的间歇泉。 Barren and desolate, the Andean foreland of this place full of natural phenomena, such as salt crystals near the beach and only run the gas does not spray the geyser.

 Stone forest

 10, China, Yunnan, Stone Forest

 Kunming Stone Forest is located near the tall stone pillars to form a maze of twists and turns.  But this is not only monotonous karst terrain, surrounded by trees of embellishment.


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