The world’s most unusual show what alternative?

 Is the so-called big world, full of wonders!  Here we bring you together to look at the world show that 10 kinds of weird, guaranteed to make you an eye-opener.

1, celebrity impersonation show summit

 What is George W. Bush and Saddam Hussein make wine made to join?  Of course, celebrity impersonation show the summit!  Each year, more than 150 long with celebrity and temperament as similarities between the people, celebrity impersonation show in Las Vegas last gathered, celebrity performances or debate, a great dinner G8 summit or the Hollywood style.

 2, the world’s twins festival 
Began in 1976, the twins festival in Ohio, every year the first weekend in August to celebrate.  Each year about 3,000 people attended the festival, most of them are twins and they range from newborns to eight-ten days old, but these people are not all twins, some people are with their families come here to attend the.  The figure is well-known British twins couples: a pair of twin sisters married two twin brothers.  I really do not know that they will not get mixed up in daily life.

3, the World Toilet Summit 
It is the most boring meeting?  Upon hearing that name, you want to smile to laugh, but the meeting has a very Win goal: to clean and sanitary water to bring about 2.5 billion people worldwide need water.  World Toilet Summit was established by the World Toilet Organization, in 2001 the first activities in Singapore.  After the meeting around the world, including: Beijing, Belfast, Moscow, Seoul, Shanghai, Taiwan and Macau.

 4, Fukatsu Princess Xina Show

 Since 1996, worship Fukatsu Princess Xina fans began to participate in this to her name in Los Angeles at the annual meeting.  Played by the fabulous Lucy Xilaolisi actress from 1995 to 2001, has appeared in television screen at the same time she also became the representative of a typical feminist.  People who read this drama for so many years in dispute with another actor Gabriel Xena is not a couple.  Of modern society that homosexuality is allowed, so Xena account for the status of worship.  Some even called themselves the “pursuit of Xena,” who participate in homosexual activities held.

 5, the International UFO (UFO) General Assembly 
The meeting began in 1991, often held in Nevada.  This continued for a month usually has more than 30 conference speakers, a film festival, and many vendors as well as several participants. Meeting people like this popular now, before the people attending will be invited to participate and those who contact their friends.

 6, show the phenomenon of terror and the supernatural Association

Lake Lexington horror and supernatural show, is the largest exhibition of such activities.  In this session, you will feel terrible day for three days, this festival usually in November in Lexington, Kentucky, organized by the Centre.  It is sponsored by the International Search ghost company, from, Liqipati and Charles IV founded tower.

 7, Zhu Di Jialan Festival

 Born in the city of Great Falls is the town’s most famous Francis Egypt Seergumu residents.  So, who is Francis Egypt Seergumu it?  Of course we all know, Judy. Granville is in the Wizard of Oz in the famous actress.  From 1975, Great Falls City, began because of her fame and profit, the city organized by Zhu Di Jialan Festival attracted many writers and scholars, where they discussed the life of Zhu Di Jialan and her career, or to discuss the famous film .

 8, the International Cake Exploration Society Exhibition

 This is a question not easy to miss the meeting, about 4,000 experts from around the world sugar and cake making cake division to participate in the annual International Research Conference.  This session will display hundreds of cake samples, from various countries will show their cake cake division with other divisions to compete with cake.

 9, the International Festival pigment

 Remember the 1985 movie “Baby paint” it?  We certainly will not forget that since 2000, is the film location shooting in the town of Phoenix, Pennsylvania began its annual festival of color.  The paint section of activities, including regular movie-goers screaming and ran across the town’s re-opening of the colonial theaters.  The initial restaurants in town re-opened, people working in the morning in the restaurant in this photo.

 10, Adult Expo (Sexpo) 
Adult Expo (Sexpo), began in 2008 in Melbourne, Australia, the exhibition theme is adult entertainment, sex and lifestyle products and topics such as gender.  The exhibition sold a relationship with adult sex supplies, and the church you how to use these things.  The festival’s exhibitors are to expand through this exhibition to open their own company’s business partners to get more.


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