What is a UFO UFO?

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We start talking about the most basic question: When humans are fascinated by UFO’s?  To say is not surprising that people today are concerned about the UFOs are from the first years of the Cold War began, gradually warming.  That time people used to look up at the sky, surveillance and preparedness for the incoming missile.  Really triggered off a global wave of incidents occurred in June 1947. 
At that time,  Germany is driving his private plane over Washington state’s Cascade Mountains, suddenly see the distant flash of blue and white light.  He looked intently scan clearly see some UFO in the mountains between the shuttle flight, very fast, very flexible. 
Arnold to the local newspaper about the matter, this set off UFO craze.  That same year, and later witnessed a landmark event, its impact continues to this day.  I believe the people full of fear, doubt those who find it so troublesome. This is the Roswell incident. 
Outside Roswell, New Mexico, a farm near the airport on the U.S. Army, there have been some strange debris.  The next day, a local newspaper will launch exclusive news, bold claims to have an alien spacecraft has been captured by the military. 
Truth: the military quickly explain that the fact that the pieces of the wreckage of a weather balloon.  But this explanation insufficient to restore the situation; Moreover, they did want to cover up the truth: the so-called weather balloon, is being tested secret spy balloon.  This is the beginning of an epoch-making. 
After Roswell, the emergence of thousands of cases of UFO sightings, “conspiracy theory” is lot of heated discussions.  Full of UFO photos and video, and more Deshu are countless; some not very convincing, there are very real. 
In the relevant records, the most prominent thing day in Mexico City — noon, darkness enveloped the city, not just one, but dozens of individuals captured at the same time the mysterious object from outer space. 
July 11, 1991, with the total solar eclipse took place, Mexico City gradually into the dark.  Thousands of people to the camera lens at the sky, shooting the spectacle.  UFO researcher  gold will never forget that scene.  King said: “I went to the roof up shooting total solar eclipse, but saw a bright spot in the air. So, I put camera on it. I realized I was shooting back and forth and swinging a UFO, not a planet or star. ” 

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 That the next few days, have appeared around the UFO eyewitness reports, the bad really busy the media.  Nationally renowned investigative journalist Jiamimosang, presided over a 10-hour program to discuss UFO sightings.  He asked the audience to go away and take a look at the screen with a home video camera shoot. 
Jiamimosang said: “This program was broadcast, many people call and say see. You can clearly see a luminous object such as metal, still under the shadow of black. This is a silver dish color objects. We believe that this is not a star, nor is the camera distortion. this video shows the existence of UFOs. That day completely changed my life because from that moment on, people only want to hear me talk about more more than the UFO thing. ” 
Also suggested that the evidence not so much influence then.  Door Desi A writer Mario Costa with Mozambique on the 1991 solar eclipse witnessed the incident to debate.  He believes that the public UFO craze, mostly from Mozambique, I, and not caused by alien visitors. 
Truth: Mexico UFO reveal the truth, perhaps not to other planets to look for clues.  Swedish astronomer, photographer Tom Muka Lun that the Mexico City UFO witnesses see a strange sight indeed, but the scene does not belong to the earth; but not necessarily alien-made.  In the Mexico City video, day is dark, because of the eclipse; can see a few floating clouds of heaven, and then zoom in, pointed at the object. 
There is a market sale of computer software that can depict any day, anywhere in the world of the sky.  With it, Tom can reproduce what happened over Mexico City.  Computer simulation of the moon after the sun is in front of that moment, the sky becomes dark, there are several celestial bodies became brighter.  UFO filmed on location on an exceptionally bright object appeared. 
Tom Muka Lun said: “Here, we can very clearly see Venus, I can say with certainty that this is the one bright spot in the Mexico City shoot.” 
Outward from the sun, Venus is the second teeth, the brightness in the sky after the Sun and the Moon.  However, why it looks like a fuzzy alien spacecraft then?  Tom believes that this is their problem — the camera lens when the focusing distance of the bright spots, resulting in a three-dimensional effect.  The piece of black lines on the screen, not a chassis object, but an illusion caused by the camera.  In this way, a very ordinary objects become some mystery.

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