What is interesting about the World Cup in South Africa?

World Cup 2010 South Africa World Cup is not regarded as exciting session, but still no match for the fanaticism of soccer fans in this World Cup, a spate of unusual, specially selected top ten wonders of the readers:

 1, do not want to release only for the World Cup

 Englishman Arthur – Crook on July 5 this year, will be released, but he has life and death do not want to leave the prison grounds and the prison has turned out to be like to watch the World Cup. Before the World Cup, because of prejudice to public order charges Crook in jail, did not expect to enter prison Crook and a host of prison have really enjoyed the atmosphere of the ballpark, so he is extremely reluctant to leave the prison.  Crook said: “I even told fellow prisoners beat the gambling, I guess, Na Changqiu (final) should be in between Argentina and Brazil.” As the saying goes, freedom is precious, a higher release price, if To watch it, which can be thrown.

 2, the son of World Cup fans bet on goals

 British Entikete gaming companies in the world’s most famous – with a € 120 William Hill betting, gambling that he would in the end of June-born son to the World Cup in 2034 for the England team to score.  If his gamble to achieve, then in 2034 he will be a 12 million euros in awards.  The William Hill betting in accepted Entikete request that he receive one ten thousandth of the probability of this prize.

 3, watch not a Fanzao sentence

 German named Ma Duer World Cup fans may be the most unlucky fans to watch not a scene, a court ruling against the three months imprisonment, suspended for one year.  Ma Duer sentenced for the purpose of watching the semi-final with Spain, Germany, he rushed to match the scene by plane, the results for traffic reasons, helpless return flight. Seeing angry fans can not watch the game, only to anger him to the airport staff, Ma Duer was one of them, so being in prison.

 4, Lufkin lucky sweater for 14 days without washing

 Since the day of human birth, superstitions everywhere, because there are so many science can not explain the phenomenon.  In the World Cup, and never a lack of superstition, in addition to the team of witch doctors in Africa, the World Cup is certainly the most bizarre superstition blue sweater Germany coach Joachim Low.  According to Lufkin, I said, from the group stage defeat by Ghana to the semi-final victory over Spain, and his blue sweater has not been washed, as long as 14 days.  Unfortunately, none of this is not so lucky sweater team qualify for the finals in Germany, but Joachim Low has said himself, this sweater will be lucky auction proceeds will be used for charity.

5, the most God Emperor Octopus Paul predicted

 World Cup prediction competition is essential to lace topic, but most predicted the results are often very far off the mark, Pele is such a classic.  But the World Cup actually has a predicted Emperor maintained a 100% accuracy, which is octopus Paul, in the prediction of the Germany match, the octopus Paul hit all seven games, called the most amazing prophecies God.  The octopus Paul also led to the high accuracy of the Imperial parrot, gorilla Emperor, Emperor … … and a series of dolphin animal forecasters.  Appears to predict this, the animals were reliable than.

 6, magic coming out the next brother

 Do not obsessed brother, brother from the future.  Among the Baidu Post Bar, ID friends for the X from the future to predict the 2010 World Cup final will be launched in the Netherlands and Spain, and claiming to be from the future, so be friends called “the next Costa Rica.”  Columbia also predicted the future of the Netherlands beat Spain’s cup success will be.  Although speculation has been confirmed, but the next Costa Rica in the Baidu Post Bar, almost equal to last year, the most popular fire comes in different forms.  As they say, the next brother one, comes in different forms are no longer mom is calling home for dinner.

 7, everyone will work together streaker

 Latin American fans unrestrained long time, but even so, streaking is not usual, not a wish, a World Cup, this is not open enough for Chinese fans to go in the instant before the world trend.  In this World Cup, with the micro-Bo the rise of new media, the fans blew over private photos, and more fans to achieve its promise, streaking.  It is, you streaking, I streaker, streaking with everyone, no streaking, no iron.

 8, watch 48 hours of fatigue hit a tree

 June 16 afternoon, the World Cup less than a week, the 37-year-old Kim has become famous, but the famous Querang Kim paid a painful price.  In order to watch the World Cup and NBA Finals, Kim did not sleep for 48 hours straight, watching the fierce competition for two consecutive days after the Kim family had to drive to their parents Dragon Boat Festival, did not want to, extreme fatigue when driving slow to lead to Mr. King, the collision to the tree, resulting in two fractures of his left leg, left arm fracture.

 9, the World Cup to promote population growth

 For China, the population problem is a big problem, The same is true for Europe and the United States, but they were worries that the negative population growth.  World Cup all-powerful, once again on this issue reflected, before South Korea condoms out of stock, after the German birth rate increase.  Of course, the most famous was in 2002 after Beckham kick into the penalty, England’s birth rate increased.  German Family Minister Shulai Da in this case expressed the hope that the German national team take the lead in raising the birthrate.

10, whining Zula popular in the world

 Years later, recalling the World Cup in South Africa, first of all think of the fans may not be the ultimate winner, but the whining ancestral friends.  The sound of a terrible ballpark aids, in 2010, both inside and outside the World Cup is, indeed, a handful of fire.  Affect the players play, create numerous popular Leaving aside, off the British pop star Robbie there – Williams because whining ancestral Rights and separated from his wife, hotel reservation send whining … you … and so unheard ancestors, whining Rights has become an ancestral most robbed South Africa World Cup play supporting roles.


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