British survey: Female life changing hairstyles over 104 Spice Girls (Photos)

 English soccer star David Beckham’s wife Victoria a few months completely changed hairstyle

British Princess Anne is 40 years of the same hair 
BEIJING, July 14 Xinhua Taiwan, “Central News Agency” web site on the 13th reported that a recent British survey, the average female life change as much as 104 times the number of hair, at least 2 times a year, is changing the hair color column.

 According to reports, hair designer Collinge (Andrew Collinge) commissioned 3,000 women aged 13 to 65 conducted a survey: 44% of respondents as tired of the same hair and left hair color and “change made”; 61 % of respondents said that “just want to change it.”

 25% is the hope that designers can “transform” them; 38% of people think that, after changes made to them more confident.

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 The survey also found that women in the celebration of birthdays, production or after the end of a relationship or marriage will change the hair salon.

 Collinge said that women often through the transformation to transform the appearance of hair, “This is most obvious in the visual way.”

 The survey also revealed that British women, long hair and a fringe of hair the most popular; followed by the length of the arc in the hair above the shoulders; again there is a level of long hair.  Dark brown is the most popular color of British women, followed by deep golden and light brown.

 Reported that the British soccer star David Beckham’s wife Victoria, 36, called “volatile Queen”, she had every few months, new hair, in addition to changing the length, the hair color from dark brown to gold has been more than The average lifetime the average woman 104 times in the times of change.

 In addition, reported that the heir to the British royal family 10th, Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Philip’s only daughter – Princess Anne is clearly not eager to change a small number of women in one of the hair.  She maintained the same issue for nearly 40 years of a basically unchanged.

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