China’s small town would be best to have?

 In the “Colourful Clouds” ─ ─ north-west of Lijiang in Yunnan Province, a few years ago many people also mistakenly treat it as a small river, now indeed known outside of the United Nations will be identified as the world’s historical and cultural city.  In fact, early in the Ming and Qing Dynasty, the famous Lijiang on the Central Plains.  Walk in Lijiang, a small stone road, you suddenly feel as if the East Jin Wuling who strayed into paradise and saw buildings scattered neatly ordered houses, Naxi folk customs simple, cocks, old-abundant.

  In the last century, Pingyao commercial prosperity, a full range of almost all inclusive of commercial trade are no ticket number, banks, pawnshops, Chinese medicine shops, silk warehouse, grocery store and even the fans, lanterns, costume shop and so diffuse and spread in flat away from the streets.  Pingyao has enjoyed good reputation due to “Little Beijing” in the world.  Now the clean up after wind and rain for centuries, passing the endless prosperity, leaving cool the building stands in the city of Pingyao. 
After the vicissitudes of Kuching in the earth, from Taiyuan to the southwest direction, along the wine rich Fen, about 90 km to go, see an ancient male Legislative, morphology honest, this is Pingyao.  Pingyao Ancient City is the most complete ancient city of China’s existing one, so by the United Nations named the world’s historical and cultural city.  More moat, through arched gate, board the tower, see the tower stand four turret, perforating and observation hole loop cloth; outside fieldwork open, unimpeded north and south.  When this situation, if Pathetic commoner of the ancients themselves, there is a sense of a lengthy study of heaven and earth.  Under the tower, see also Housing white brick tiles, cornices Qiaojiao, firms can be seen along the pavement, weathering Gumao, such as costume movie scenes.  In fact, when many costume drama are here to do location shooting, have not even set. 
The early 80s, has introduced a comprehensive set of Pingyao ancient city elections people still scared of the planning, Fortunately, several of Tongji University professor of architecture study of ancient buildings in the vicinity, heard the news rushed to Pingyao, and P Plus call .  Side to Pingyao ancient streets, and nearly a hundred thousands of houses preserved as a record of social history and culture of the Ming and Qing living fossil.

 Although of Yan’an in China has long been known for, and a reputation, but until today, Yan’an population has only 20 million, it is a small place is not an exaggeration.  After 1935, history on the choice of Yan’an, a pumping pipe down, son of the big man eating spicy Hunan lit a spark here, and soon after the light to China, Yan’an Pagoda Hill became the young man was a place of pilgrimage.  However, 30 years after the big guy, big hand wave, mountains and the countryside into the city’s fashion, many Beijingers then went to Yan’an, where he became the educated youth.  Today, Yan’an was the most worth a go, although many people have the lights on the Yangjialing, Zaoyuan lights, wangjiaping ball familiar, but history after all, this Pagoda Hill, Phoenix Mountain, Central, Zhi in Yanhe Qingliangshan transit a corner of its territory in person, touch each piece of heavy pragmatic and loess, through their old home and old cave, and then meditate, you will not get elsewhere came to realize that one kind of thing.

 Read the “Border Town” all of the Tracy and Tracy left a wonderful place to live the imagination: Tracy clean water, nature and love, help one’s style of simple villagers, moonlight, etc. Diaojiao Lou waterside.  “Border Town” is claimed to be the “Countryman” Shen’s writing is to the west of Hunan Fenghuang County. 

Fenghuang County in Jishou and Huaihua place between the west, urban waterfront Tuojiang built Tuojiang such as wine, along the Diaojiao Lou as naive as Americans drink. City streets and the smell of bacon in spicy and fragrant seasons, passionate Xiang M, dancing and over.  Moonlight night, men and women of the Miao people’s voice can be awakened every fan waterfront windows.  Chu Liaocheng, see the mountain like a sword through air, where they stand, say the Star Mountains.  Into the mountains, good-bye cliff Fuxue knifed one Cheonggyecheon tactfully.  Across the Cheonggyecheon, board plank, old trees line both sides, strange Shi Zhengrong.  On top, a platform suddenly see the light, there is one pool for the “Heavenly Lake”, bubbling streams, but not dried long drought, the water often sighed, musk deer, birds keyed.  Obtained under the mountains, nature is still unknown to do to Qiliang Dong.  Stayed in the water hole, the cave has the Mist, Paradise, Dragon Palace, King Yin and Yang River, etc., to close Guilin, Zhangjiajie spectacle in a hole.  The hole into the river, they can see the largest waterfall in Western and Dalongdong.

 Liangshan Yi Autonomous Prefecture in southwestern Sichuan Province in central, tranquil River, Chengdu-Kunming railway line Xichang, China’s largest satellite launch center, has been accompanied by the Chinese satellite and other countries off the fame of many satellites.  Xichang can say is the first stop of a high-tech, where people can see not only a huge rocket launchers, and to understand the whole process of the satellite launch.  Out of the city, about 5 km south of the mountain Lu a “light Temple.”  Monastery rare because of its stone temple and surrounding areas recorded Xichang earthquake occurrence, this is indeed rare in China, further confirms the Xichang China’s science and technology city. 
Apart from the Xichang technology experience, relax, go 2.5 km southeast of Qionghai, Qionghai the lake, the water crystal clear, Puweiranran.  Qionghai 4:00 views differ, fall and winter is preferred, with the moon in autumn push Namiwaka White, warm winter snow Qionghai, migratory birds to; or to screw Kyrgyzstan Mountain forests, hold in mouth red panda bamboo forest, roe deer speeding, there are flying waterfall, a Hai Zi.

 Located in the west of Turpan Urumqi, Turpan Basin, China Basin, the lowest in the Central, for “Zang learn blocked Flaming Mountain, Monkey King by palm-leaf fan,” is famous.  In fact, the year after Xuanzang did Turpan city, he was located in the city today, about 40 km southeast of Gao Old City to rest in January.  Gao is the silk road was a town, today, tour Old City, see Duanbicanyuan, brick tiles, one can imagine former days.  The Flaming Mountain is not fiction, but non-true fire flames Flaming Mountain but under the hot sun Shining flash of red sandstone, steaming like flame it.  Although the Flaming Mountain is the most hot area, but the mountains and more valley, spring valley surrounded by verdant trees, farmhouse adjoining Next, the production of grape fruit, which the Grape Valley is irresistible, and the production of seedless white grapes Grape Valley is so were still empty. 
Uighurs hospitality, into the Turpan city, you can see wearing a flower hat four flute, the robes of men and women skirt suits and jackets, and to say hello, “teeth (Hello).”  City, southeast of the tower and Gao Su Ruins of public of public cemeteries, graves and dry terrain drying, forming a natural sterile environment, a mummy excellent natural storage place.  Thousand-Buddha Cave City, northeast, culture and landscape with its two U.S..

 Pingxiang is located in the southwest border of the motherland and Vietnam border, no other city of Pingxiang, better than the history of Sino-Vietnamese relations as a witness, about 18 km southwest of Friendship Gate will change the name as proof.  Friendship Gate built in the late Ming, Yi Guan, said the town, the late Ming to Friendship Gate.  Inquiry and when the veteran was clearly against the French had this to obtain Nanguan great victory.  After the liberation, and Vietnam befriend, Friendship Gate renamed Harmony South Gate, Friendship Gate; the late 70s, as the Vietnamese invasion of one’s own limitations, the more enemies and Friendship Gate has become Friendship Gate; 80 years after the restoration of diplomatic relations with Vietnam, Town, off again a Friendship Gate. 
Today, Pingxiang and Vietnam border trade become the first major stations, walking in Pingxiang hot and narrow streets, some wearing straw hats can be seen at any time, short stature, dark face of the Vietnamese, they might be selling souvenirs and Vietnam smuggling of goods, or big rush to buy good and cheap Chinese commodities.  Pingxiang more Zhuang people chewing betel nut, such as chewing gum, food colored rice, and betel nuts and colored rice guests.  With the influx of more and more people, Pingxiang, the former military town, and now strong business climate, exotic, and even a bit bizarre.

 According to legend, the Holy Mountain in Tibet, “Kampot Mountain” There are three Cave, respectively, there lived a Bodhisattva, a committing a commandment by the gods into a monkey and a beautiful Vamp, the monkey was married at the behest of Buddha a Vamp, gave birth to six monkeys, monkey breeding down generation to generation and evolution into today’s Tibetans.

 Kampot monkey mountain cave is the birthplace of Tibetan, and its specific location in Lhasa, about 200 kilometers southeast of Zetang.  In Zetang, not only engraved by the operator of the monkey hole, but also the first piece of Tibetan field and the first house.  The first a field located in the northern Zetang According to legend, the monkey deity gave a piece of field is growing food, so every seed, people would grab a handful of soil in the fields of God sown in the field on their own, pray for good harvest; first house located near Zetang Naidong, are said to Tibetans for their first homes built Tsenpo “Yung Blaze Kong” is also the first generation of ZAP’s palace.  Yong Gang While Brad has been shabby, but the old Hu Ju Long drive, magnificent momentum is still discernible.  In Zetang, eating fragrance of Ciba and butter tea, barley wine, watching the eyes of devout Tibetans wearing robes felt was tolerant and had the potential, think of themselves now on the proliferation of land Yarlung River in the Tibetan region, the hearts of more Tibet adds a magical feel.

      Pointed out that the exact relative position of Maduo is not easy, because it close to four weeks and no major cities, we can only say that it is located in Qinghai Province, Xining southwest distant place.  Yellow River Maduo is the first county seat, sparsely populated, bad weather, more than 4000 meters above sea level, but it is worth a go, as the cradle of Chinese culture ─ ─ source of the Yellow River is located in this county, since ancient times people will have to The root of the matter.

 Maduo County in the western suburbs are the first bridge of Yellow River, Yellow River water crystal clear here, walking on the bridge, Si Yi Yao Tiao, taste different kind.  Farther west, see Eling and Eling 20 km west of Zaling just like a pair of two lakes upstream of pearl inlay in the Yellow River.  Origin and on again, clear water days wide, along the village school of Tibetan pastoral scenery, lush pastures, cattle and sheep flocks, there are Star Sea, Yueguzonglie drainage and the famous song card day.  If winter and spring to be drilled ice fishing, see tens of thousands of migratory birds.

 Shanhaiguan out from customs, along the north of Liaodong Bay has been the first to reach the city is Xingcheng.  Xingcheng Bohai Sea is the ancient city, is also a newly developed travel health resort.  Although the scenery unlimited, but Xingcheng “micro-city small words,” the man kept in purdah not know.  Liao began to build when Xingcheng County, have not been fighting, away from the industry, is the most intact ancient city of China’s existing one, this point it is even better than Lijiang and Pingyao.  The city’s famous hot springs, hot springs and spa river wells, Marshal Chang Tso-lin on the Northeast because of its good quality hot spring, a villa was built downtown.  Xing city or sea built Dongnuanxialiang pleasant climate; shade lined, neat houses.  The beach can accommodate 20 people, water, clean sand Leung, known as the second Beidaihe.  City is expected to ocean arbor and hope Haita north, climb the sea view, sea breeze at first, the water what Dan Dan, panoramic view of seagulls white sail.


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