Scientist has created miniature artificial lung can survive six hours mice

 Miniature artificial lung device to begin cultivating the first breath.


 Miniature artificial lung device in the growth in culture.


 Miniature artificial lung.


 International online  It is the Australian Broadcasting Corporation reported that the first time U.S. scientists recently announced a new research results: in the laboratory using stem cells cultured artificial lung, into mice can survive to 6 hours.

 Harvard Medical School’s research team on the mouse lung cells removed, leaving only the extracellular matrix of lung growth as a new “support frame.” Then, they “support frame” in the development of implants can be directed to human lung cells in umbilical cord cells and mouse embryonic cells, and its in vivo environment into the training simulation device for training in.

 This miniature artificial lung device continuously growing in culture, and in about 1 week after the exchange of oxygen, which is the same as the normal lung “breathing.”  Implanted in mice, the artificial lung is still able to work successfully in mice survived for 6 hours.

where can I get bubble wrap?

 The researchers said that, in order to cultivate a similar approach can be used in the human lung still has a long way to go, but 5 to 10 years, the study will make significant progress and were eventually Tourushiji  which needed lung lung transplant patients to solve the problem of insufficient resources.


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