The older the more valuable the job have?

1. Counsel

 Nature of the work of lawyers like doctors, are experiences of the industry.  All are bound to be a trainee solicitor for a short period of relative “poverty” stage, but once regularized, income will rise year by year.  As practitioners increase the time, industry will continue to raise awareness, increase revenue will enter the process.

 Lawyers in the future direction of development efforts should be made towards the development of a particular areas of expertise and grasp of development trends in this field has become an expert Li Shou.  In particular, commercial lawyers, corporate counsel and other professional direction is relatively easy to get paid.

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 2. Physicians

  “Doctor” occupation, their income level has been the envy of the people.  Doctors engaged in high-tech and high-risk occupations, training cycles than other industries, so do the quest for valuable natural physician.  Under normal circumstances, the attending physician in 2000 dollars down,; “boil” as the chief physician, the income rose between 3500 to 4000 yuan, individual high qualification chief physician well-known professors can reach 6,000 yuan.  Of course, if you can not wait so slowly “boil” can be “accelerated.”  If private hospitals are usually the backbone of the public recruitment of young doctors as trained, may also be sent to study abroad.  In addition, general provisions of foreign hospitals, physicians need to provide patients with routine nutritional care advice, therefore, if the master of health nutrition, may have access to foreign hospitals for high pay.  And long-term development perspective, both the type of hospital, medical practitioners, health and nutrition knowledge has a trend, because the modern great attention to self-care.

 3. Teacher

 Methodology popular in applied

 More than in many large and medium cities, the income levels of teachers more than the general white-collar workers.  To universities, for example, teaching assistants monthly income between 1500-2000 yuan; lecturer between 3000-4000 yuan; Associate Professor of about between 5000-6000 yuan; professor of monthly income in 8000 to 9,000 yuan for granted.  In Pujiaojitong, in addition to regular wage income, there are some 8 hours away from the extra lessons in revenue.

 In the future, applied more readily available for teachers salaries, but teachers should teach such courses case of rich content on behalf of the advanced teaching philosophy, instructive. Therefore, teachers must often went into business, the accumulation of “combat” experience, in order to enrich their knowledge structure.  The primary and secondary school teachers have academic pressure faced by students, Guer teach “method” seems extremely important, if they can improve student achievement in a short time is bound to get paid for the rapid increase in weight.

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 4. Antique appraisers

 Equivalent to “antique” occupational

 Antique appraisal industry, the higher the threshold, requires considerable depth of Chinese traditional cultural knowledge, which can not obtain knowledge Tongguo assault requires the accumulation of Shi Jian, Zhi You in reading “Wu”, after numerous, to Shibie treasures.  Therefore, saying that the occupation is “the older the more valuable” and “antique” is not too professional.

 Antique appraisal industry in the fast-growing short-cut to only one: that is “more to see more research, more research.”  In addition, the mode of operation according to the current market, if they can become senior appraisers, you can contract Mouge service independent of the auction, pawn business, incomes became more flexible.

 5. Actuary

 Prices starting at 200,000 annual salary

 Today, the economy is increasingly living, the demand for economic class more and more natural.  General and primary financial officer present oversupply, but the high-end financial talents are difficult to find the daughter.  In particular, the senior actuary for more than the monthly income of up to 10,000 yuan, ranking first in the post.  As the actuarial profession in China is still in its infancy, now only 43 state-level actuary, actuary of 18 prospective, really, “Suddenly.”

 If you want in this industry, obtain the appropriate qualification certificate is the first step, a wealth of experience to give you efficient management, emergency response capacity to handle emergencies.  As the actuarial profession in China started late, and environmental practitioners are not very mature, and therefore the second step towards the millions of highly paid, is to grasp the industry dynamics in time and absorb foreign advanced concept, accumulated experience.

6. Architect

 Deep inside layers of rising wages

 Architect is the scarcity of talent.  Architects must have deep cultural heritage and extensive experience, because the building is not only the building itself reflects the shape and spatial relationships within, but also reflects the designer’s life and building the implication of the arts and culture.  Therefore, the present market for construction design professionals most cases, requires 5 years of work experience, years of research and practical experience of support, rising wages will certainly layers.

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7. Consultant

 Rapid growth of new industries pay

 As the consulting industry in China to open markets, rapid growth in the pay consultant.  The current annual salary of a consultant in Shanghai conservative estimate of 15 million yuan.  Consultant’s job is to help businesses diagnosis “incurable diseases” and open a “prescription”, to use the most cutting-edge vision for the company to make the most strategic analysis.  Therefore, any concern about cutting-edge science and cutting-edge theories on the consultants get paid a lot of good.

 8. Accounting

Get paid to accelerate the proposed

 1, the financial positions in the market competition is intense, especially the common and obvious oversupply of junior finance staff, but the high-end financial talents are difficult to find the daughter.  China’s demand for the next 10 to 15 class talent rankings, topped CPA.  So the young accountant a plus for his career, acquire or acca cpa certificate is a must to lead to high salaries.  cpa is a local “gold” sign, the overall salary levels up to 5-10 million yuan each year; and known as the “financial sector mba” in the acca, will make you easier access to multinational corporations, in order to gain a higher salary.

 2, well-paid accountants must not only will “do account”, but also have the integrated planning, risk assessment and long-term financial strategy and development capabilities, forward-looking.  Therefore, in order to “accounting staff salaries,” the threshold into the finance, accounting or personnel in addition to their own professional quality to excellent, but also familiar with relevant financial, legal and management knowledge, and good at communication and expression.

9. Researchers

 Market pay market: researchers regular income is not high, usually with the same level as the average income of the community.  However, there is often ad hoc research funding, subject fees, expert fees, settle down subsidies, while also giving other incentives under the scientific research.  Therefore, the researchers also have a monthly salary of over million.

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 “The older the more valuable,” because

 High qualification are highly respected researchers in the many years of scientific research career, accumulated rich experience, the experience of the research is extremely important, and sometimes an “idea” can solve a problem, is a valuable asset, Yong You These “ideas person,” should be paid.  Of course, this idea can not rely on racking our brains beat out, it depends on accumulation of years of research scientists.  In general, the results of science may be 30-40 years old; for the engineering run, the results are still somewhat at a later age.  Meanwhile, the present, many research institutions, enterprises and universities also use the term “seniority” system of promotion, job evaluation need to refer to length of service.  In this case, naturally, with salaries increased with age.

 Get paid to accelerate the proposed

 1, results-oriented scientific research workers are career (including academic achievements and scientific research), as wages and the number and level of research projects linked, so should be good at developing new issues, new projects, the accumulation of results.

 2, the present research work stress “fighting team” want to get paid, not only is the name of the best academic leaders, but also both the organization and management capacity, a “team leader.”

 10. Skilled workers

 Market pay Quotes: skilled workers in short supply in the labor market, wage increases so fast.  According to the Shanghai Labor and Social Security Bureau of Shanghai issued guidance wage levels for the labor market, model workers, tool fitters, maintenance workers and other types of elevator installation, senior technician in revenue from 70,000 to 90,000 yuan; skill level to senior technician level CNC machine tool operator, vehicle maintenance workers, car alignment work, the annual wage workers die in the 3.6 -7.4 million for the median, the high number to reach 7.5-10 million; skill level to senior level technicians turner, fitter, electrician , welders, boring work, grinder, milling the median annual wage in the 3.6-5.7 million to 6.5-8.9 million in high numbers.

 “The older the more valuable,” because

 Technical activities, the decision must be experienced revenue.  From apprentice to craftsman, and then to the senior technicians, the general need for more than 10 years or even longer to learn and operate in line with the wealth from the sweat together.

Get paid to accelerate the proposed

 1, recognize the development of the industry and city orientation.  According to city as positioning to gain access to difficult to be eliminated, there are promising areas.  Such as the automotive industry, CNC machine tool operators, car repairman, vehicle alignment work, die work is very popular in these types of salaries are generally higher than the same level of other types of pay levels.

 2, no matter what type of work, skilled people can get more money than others.  To Become the “Lu Ban”, the key is to be willing to endure hardship, through hard training to their technology reached a pinnacle.

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