What clever designs of the last century spy tool?

According to foreign media reports, as the world’s one of very few spy museum, the International Spy Museum, the most extensive collection of spy tools.  Now, let us enlighten me on the International Spy Museum’s ten design the most sophisticated spy tools.  In the past century, these we may think of the strange technology, the importance of covert operations is immeasurable.

 1. Lipstick pistol


 Speaking Zhezhi Bogart 4.5 mm caliber single-shot pistol, said: “It is a classic.” “Lipstick pistol” is probably the mid-20th century, 60 seized from the hands of KGB agents.  Although it is not clear this dangerous “kiss of death” is used, but the pistol does cyanide used in that era assassinations.  The secret weapon is the U.S. intelligence agencies during the Cold War the Soviet Union to take “positive measures” surviving example.

 2. Buttonhole camera


  This miniature Model F-21 camera invented around 1970 by the KGB, to hide the button eyes, a user can press the body pocket.  Squeeze the shutter as long as the rope and be able to leave a buttonhole camera.  This miniature camera hidden in a buttonhole can mysteriously politicians in the assembly such as the use of public activities.  Bogart noted that the intelligence the CIA had worked for years in the International Spy Museum Peter – Ernest once used this spy camera.

 3. Micro-point camera


 20th century 60s, East Germany’s external intelligence HVA invented the mini-camera, it can take file photo, shrink the text by chemical processes, so a lot of big words do not have a full stop.  In this way, agents can openly hidden secret information.  Bogart also mentioned a point of involving micro-camera notorious events: World War II, a double agent Dusko – Popov (Dusko Popov) will be caught on camera micro-point intelligence to the U.S. Federal Bureau of Investigation, Intelligence that German interest in Pearl Harbor.  However, when he was FBI Director Edgar – Hoover on Popov did not trust it, not to the information handed to President Franklin D. – Roosevelt.

 4. Shoes transmitter


 20th century 60’s and 70’s, Western diplomats stationed in Eastern Europe to avoid buying clothes at the local, they prefer mail-order clothing and shoes from the West.  In Romania, the intelligence of this habit as a western diplomat has an advantage of its covert operations, their cooperation with the postal department install a transmitter in the heel.  Bogart said the waiter in the clean room, accidentally discovered the recording equipment, diplomats back to the room, the signal will appear, and when they all leave, the signal disappeared.

 5. Enigma cipher machine


 During World War II, using radio to send the information there is the possibility of the Allies to intercept, so the Germans invented the cryptographic machine – Enigma machine.  Enigma machine used the surface looks like a typewriter, however, it has a world of difference between the printer.  Keyboard connected with the current drive of the rotor can be changed many times the number for each hit. Appropriate information to Morse code output, but also need the key, but key changes every day.  However, the Allies finally cracked the Germans think they can not break the Enigma code.

 6. Password disk


 It will not help to think, not all spyware tool is so old, but in fact, as early as Roman times, Caesar had used cryptography to compile the information.  The password can be traced back to the disk’s Civil War by the United States by the Confederate side – above the three letters on behalf of Confederate CSA (Confederate States of America) meant.  The working principle of this device is obvious: replace the wheels turning inside the circle of letters, such as M = G, P = J.  Password is easy to decipher it?  If the information is not in your familiar language, it is not easy to decipher.  The problem is both crafty spy, which will be familiar with your language encoding?

 7. Poison umbrella


 In 1978, a Bulgarian agent using such an umbrella in the streets of London to assassinate the Bulgarian dissident Geao Ji – Markov.  Technical staff of the general umbrella of the internal structure was modified, as long as a press body spray can be toxic to the target.  To Markov, for example, a small umbrella in the shot the ball with ricin, which is almost the naked eye can not see the ball.  International Spy Museum in Moscow displayed a copy of a special poison umbrella.  Bogart said that in 1991, was in Bulgaria found a similar deadly poison umbrella filled the room.

8. Pigeon Camera



This is a dove, it is a “spy satellite.” 。 In the era before the arrival of aerial photography, aerial shot of pigeons to assume responsibility.  The camera will automatically shoot at the pigeons who tied airspace over enemy can make it without getting lost in the circumstances, provide important information.  In addition to shooting, radio communications, there are still many flaws in the era of information can be passed pigeons occasionally.  50 years before the 20th century, dove through the enemy line of fire as high as 95% success rate, because the fighting made outstanding contributions to the final victory, they also received many honors.

 9. Stump listening device



70 in the early 20th century, this tree stump listening device to rely on solar energy, the forest area near Moscow engaged in wiretapping without interruption.  It intercepted between the Soviet air force base in the region of the communication signal, the signal is sent to a satellite information transmitted by the satellite to the United States intelligence analysis center.  As to rely on solar-driven, tree stump listening device does not exist the need to replace the battery.  Nevertheless, the KGB still found this tree stump listening device, therefore, the international spy museum is just a copy.

10. Dog feces pass machine intelligence


 Dog feces?  Not surprisingly, is really dog feces, Bogart said, this little device is hollow, which can hide information, so that intelligence officers and informants to easily transfer information, and will not cause other people’s doubts.  Bogart noted that the stool is usually left alone somewhere, this is disguised as a signal station tiger dung is used in the Vietnam War directed goal.  Dog feces pass machine intelligence faces a risk that the device was thrown or occasionally found.  Bogart said: “Life will always be accidents, but this is only spies or intelligence agents one of the many challenges facing”


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