What strange customs in India?

 First, wash with water after stool ass, instead of toilet paper

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 India’s population have generally flush toilet facilities, ordinary people are holding a glass of water when the stool, customs regulations Xipi Gu with his left hand, so to pick food stores may not use his left hand.  In fact, this is a good habit.  First of all, its benefits greatly reduce the incidence of hemorrhoids; second can save a lot of paper, on the protection of Earth’s resources, protection and development of green projects, are extremely beneficial.  This is a light, you can save a lot of wood.  However, overseas Chinese residing in India that have hurt Daya, mostly not used, so far maintained their national habits, still use toilet paper.  I have used this method in the paper but are psychologically unhealthy, not used up.

 Second, the leaves when the Fan Pen

 Indians in the group meal, the meal is often used by Fan Pen made of leaves.  Bowls by several pieces of this big juxtaposition whole stack of leaves made of two layers inside and outside, between the leaves and leaves with a match stick smaller than a small branch, “sewing” together, leaves oval basin, surrounded by a tilt to the edge, so as its appearance and metal Fan Pen, and all leaves the same shape and size of basin is clearly suppressed by a mold out.  At first I thought this thing would be not to use health, and the old fear that it will leak, it was not very happy with.  But then I completely changed this idea, because I find it significant of the advantages: first, only made by the Jipian leaves, Er Tropical De Quda Yepian Duozhe Ne!  So easily drawn, very low cost.  Second, this tableware is very light, and not afraid to fall touch, handling convenience, it is suitable for outdoor dining and collective.  Finally, and most importantly, easy meal deal, do not wash, discard them wrong, and easily digested by nature, the basic no pollution.  As for health, in fact, do not have to worry about, local people often eat in this basin are not Naodu Zi Ye, foreigners (including myself) have no problem with the later, so they can rest assured to enjoy this unique style leaves fast food bowl !

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 Third, do not eat beef, but milk

 India is the world’s leading milk power, milk in the diet of Indians, it occupies a very important position.  Every morning and evening, to the state-run milk stations to play Milk’s people are doing it, and some family that is almost a dozen liters.  Many Indian breakfast is a cup of tea, plus a few biscuits.  The Indian tea usually is to increase milk and sugar.

 The vegetable market in Delhi, but also buy white cheese, milk, eating up a very strong flavor.  Indians are particularly fond of eating sweets, Indian food is the most traditional dessert made with two kinds of cheese and sugar.

 4, side head-agree

 Some states in India (such as West Bengal), people agreed or promised when not nod, but the right side of the head to the side.  Foreigners are often misunderstood at first.  Some books say the Indians (including Bangladesh) with shaking his head in agreement.  In fact, this is not accurate, because the side head and shook his head, after all, different actions.  Indian side head agrees with a great range of motion and sometimes even the whole upper body is on the right side, which shook his head with a more obvious the difference.

 5, with the right payment

 Indians buy only the right hand delivery time of payment of money, the other to keep the change when the right hand only, never use the left hand.  I was told that a local pay if left-handed, it is very impolite.  I used a long time to some extent cultivated only right handed money habits.  Say “in part” because sometimes forget this rule to the left.  But probably because I am a “foreigner” as well, I have not met each other in my left hand to pay when angry.

 In fact, not only pay attention to this when, in the delivery of some of the more formal occasions, other things (especially the gift of the class), if not his hands but only with one hand, they should use the right hand.

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 6, “Big Mac” is the lamb

    For religious reasons, particularly large number of vegetarians in India.  Please Indian meal, one should first find out the other side is not a vegetarian, or would be awkward. Strict vegetarians, is not even eat eggs, but usually drink milk.  Some devout Hindus, but also to pray before dinner.  On one occasion, we invite friends over to dinner in India, after we were seated, suddenly found a friend who closed his eyes and mouth as if something is still meditation, a moment later, it opened my eyes and began to eat.



 7, drink the raw water

 Because the hot climate here, they generally likes to eat curry (Indian curry in the world), raw onions, these foods have a good disinfection.  Over time, they formed the habit of drinking unboiled water.  That is, the big hotels, big hotels, the first cup of raw water to the guests also.  Most people, in particular, was too Western to hear do not speak for health.  But Indian people are like Rumaoyinxue age like humans, to adapt to the environment, plus eat curry, onions, etc., can have a strong resistance.  If human beings to exercise this stage, the number of energy conservation for the Earth ah!

 8, buried alive child exorcism

 So incredible that ordinary people “buried alive” ceremony in the village of Pella in Seoul had already followed up a full 57 years.  Children to participate in this ritual first unconscious and then be placed in temporary graves prepared in advance, with soil completely buried after 60 seconds, and then they dug out.  Is said to be a traditional local religious practices, that the purpose is to worship the goddess two repel demons.

 Villagers have the hearts of those who wish to make an early, scrambling to his children “buried alive.”  In accordance with local custom, the girl must be buried before puberty, girls, boys are not be required to participate in this ceremony, all children aged from 4 years to 20 years old.

 Amazingly, the “buried alive” throughout the course of the ceremony, buried the child’s parents and government officials from the provincial side also “look calm,” the view.  Look kind of housing and urban development officials Jiping Jing Du Leila watched in front of all, the ritual ceremony as guest of honor told reporters, “I should be the event committee’s invitation to attend the festivities, and other I not too much to say anything. ”

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