What’s weird to rescue “fever” of the earth?

According to foreign media reports, the so-called geo-engineering refers to the intention to change the Earth’s climate.  In order to mitigate global warming, save the “fever” of the Earth, some scientists came up with eight kinds of weird: 
1, for the clouds, “whitening”

 The idea is to use satellite navigation concrete walking through the sea on the ship and continued to spray clouds of sea fog flow.  Sea salt can increase the fog of the cloud density, it will be more sunlight reflected back into space, and then play a role in cooling the planet.  In fact, this new ship design can be traced back nearly a century ago, when German inventor Anton Flettner built a boat to cross the Atlantic.

 Sea fog tower structure with hollow and can rotate in the wind, as the sails of the role.  Compared with the traditional sailing boat, this “strange ship” sailing in the Atlantic faster on the staff at the same time do not control.  Sea fog pump power needed to provide the hull below the turbine.  This strange construction of a ship cost 2 million or three million U.S. dollars, a complete project need to invest several billion dollars.

 National Center for Atmospheric Research scientist that the temperature required to maintain the current deployment of approximately 1500 spray boat.  Earth’s vast engineering and research scientists, Latehamu also believe that the deployment of spray vessel can not be a reduction of greenhouse gas emissions alternatives.  The reason is that this approach does not solve the carbon dioxide emissions and many other issues.  He pointed out that the vast majority of geo-engineering ideas with other like ships in the large-scale deployment of spray, we still need more research on its.  In addition, this approach may have potential side effects are still unknown.

 2, space Frisbee reflect sunlight

 Listed in this eight weird to save the planet, the deployment of space-based Frisbee may be the most advanced one.  This approach is a large amount of concrete in the sun between Earth and orbiting the sun reflecting reflector Frisbee, Frisbee each 2 feet in diameter (about 61 cm).  Arizona State University professor of astronomy and optical said that the project needed to reach 16 trillion number Frisbee around this staggering figure. 
Deployment of space-based reflector Frisbee challenge facing a huge number of amazing how the Frisbee into space, using rockets 16 trillion investment required Frisbee

 This is no one can bear.  To this end, Angele proposal to develop a long barrel 1 mile (approximately 1.6 km) of the magnetic gun, used to Frisbee launched into space. 。 But even so, the cost is still required up to several trillion dollars. He said: “This approach is clearly the future with a very strong faction color. But if into a great panic among the, at that time we do not need to know much of their choice.”

3, to create a permanent mist


 And only for the clouds, “whitening” in this way than we can go one step further, an increase of atmospheric cloud.  Volcanic eruptions will be a lot of sulfur into the atmosphere, thereby cooling the planet played a role.  In the stratosphere, rain and sulfur react to form cloud particles, and eventually between the Earth and the sun to create a barrier.

 As the clouds thin, then the sky is not similar to London, more like a beach region of the fog.  Sulfur inexpensive ways to obtain a relatively simple, just burning oil and coal can.  As the photos showed, we can use the high-flying jet aircraft, artillery, or hot-air balloon to sulfur into the stratosphere.  Another sulfur into the stratosphere would be the way is to use long hoses, hoses can make use of the power of the balloon to stay aloft.  This approach is said to cost less than than the other way. 
Professor of Environmental Studies at Rutgers University, said to create a permanent mist of a major negative factor is likely to affect rainfall patterns.  This approach could undermine Asia’s rainy season, so the survival of billions of people affected crops become targets.  Like the vast majority of geo-engineering methods, this approach also requires a sustained, if high carbon levels, the Earth will heat up again quickly. 

4, the deployment of carbon-absorbing machine


 For a long time, we have been emitting carbon into the atmosphere, why not now a “recovery” mean?  As shown, absorption of carbon machine located on top of a support structure, made of strips of plastic film using carbon dioxide capture task execution.  Cleaning can strip them under exposure to humid environment in this way.  The captured carbon is then buried deep underground. 
Each suction machine to capture the carbon content of carbon and 1,000 trees quite.  Columbia University professor, responsible for the design of the system of Klaus Lake is satisfied that in order to maintain the atmospheric carbon at an acceptable level, we need to deploy about one million units absorb carbon Ji.  Carbon absorption unit to deploy the main problem is that the system needs electricity.  In other words, in order to achieve significant results, the required electricity generated by renewable energy needs.  For the storage of carbon in the end will be in the ground to stay in the ground or leaking and eventually return to the surface, some people questioned. 

5, Ocean “seeding”

 Figuratively speaking, the current carbon dioxide the ocean is a huge sponge, absorbing every year the number of 600 million tons.  Called the Ocean “seeding” means the iron or other elements to stimulate plankton growth spreads into the sea.  As shown, the dust storm occurring on land would be blown into the water in the iron, resulting in strong growth of plankton. Climos Climos is dedicated to the sea “seeding” project company and its CEO, Danwei Li said that by-product of steel used for this project can provide iron, iron to the sea spreads the cost of shipping costs only slightly more than higher.

 For additional marine plankton will have what effect, there are many scientists worried.  One of the major issues of concern for them is what will happen after the death of plankton.  Some people said the death would be securely plankton sank.  But others think that plankton in the sea near the rot, eventually the carbon released into the atmosphere. 
Really engaged in research geo-engineering that not many companies, Climos is one of them.  And geo-engineering-related work by the vast majority of university professors or other researchers to complete. Climos Climos the nature of research funding is allocated.  We can imagine an idea if any of the success of related companies will be lucrative. 
For geo-engineering project, we can understand it to appear as a carbon offset, The latter is a carbon Pai Fang Zhi Jin Xing companies need to Cong Tai Qi in Buhuo others Zhifufeiyong carbon.  In accordance with the legal provisions relating to carbon dioxide, carbon offset projects could be enforced.  Inventors need to be reminded that they realize the vast majority of ideas were too far away. 

6, manufacturing white desert

 White cool roof may be a city, white desert, may be used to reduce the Earth’s temperature.  Manufacture of white desert is a bold and innovative plan, the specific is the use of similar but with waterproof plastic sheets cover the higher thickness of the Earth’s largest desert, and then to more sunlight reflected back into space.

 Since a large number of local plant life, this project and will not be in the United States and other parts of southwest desert sand dunes or, but the election in the vast and barren of the Sahara, the Gobi or the Arabian Peninsula.  Some people have made in the manufacture of white desert sea, although the details of this idea is still unknown.

 Manufacture of white desert is a huge challenge facing the cost.  In order to offset the rising sun reflected enough carbon emissions produced each year is equivalent to a white desert area of Missouri. Environmental Reference Materials President of consulting firm Environmental Reference Materials Skeel on this idea some calculations.  He said that the annual cost to build the white desert, estimated at about 500 billion U.S. dollars.  In addition to higher costs, another important issue is time.  It is reported that a total of 40 to 60 years required to complete all the plastic sheeting covering the work of the desert.

 7 of waste as a biological carbon

 In dealing with general plant, crops and trees when, farmers, foresters and others and Tongchangcaiqu will Tamen buried soil to rot Huozhe a fire burned, 但 all of which are carbon will be released into the atmosphere.  Bio-carbon project called for farmers and related personnel will show the picture of waste into the machine, it turned into charcoal.  Charcoal or be buried in the biological carbon then buried.

 Bio-carbon project president, said this way, is released into the atmosphere of the “plant carbon” to reduce the number of up to 40%, while improving soil fertility.  However, the biological carbon can absorb enough carbon and thus combat global warming, scientists are still a series of questions.

 8, to create “hurricane killer” waves pump

 “Hurricane killer” wave pump is basically a diameter of several hundred feet of the ring, outer layers of old tires from the composition.  In the middle ring, a long funnel hundreds of feet into ocean.  As the shock waves outside the tire ring out, heated forced to funnel through. Warm water mixed with cold water rose to the surface, the temperature at this time has been reduced.  Thus, this ring will form a continuous exchange of warm and cold water.

 The idea to create waves pump scientists from the Carnegie Institute of  and Bill Gates, co-sponsored by another scientist.  Caldera said that the increased intensity of hurricanes depend on warm water, cold and warm water exchange process to prevent this happening, could weaken the storm.  In addition, the number of cold water can dissolve carbon dioxide than warm water, the device may also absorb more carbon dioxide from the atmosphere.  Some people doubt that the wave number of the pump in the end be able to absorb carbon, and large-scale deployment of this device is able to weaken the storm.  Others said that the role of the waves, but the pump is to change the direction of movement of hurricanes.


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