Why the trunk to grow into round?

 Around us, a wide variety of trees, their crowns, leaves, fruit shape changing, but one thing is common, that is: Almost all the trees in the trunk is cylindrical.  Why is this?

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 All of the biological world in order to survive, always moving in the environment develop in the most adaptive, the plant is true, the trunk is cylindrical in order to meet the needs of growth.

 1.  Materials in the possession of the same case, the round has the largest area.  Than any other area of a circle shape is more large area, if the same number of the largest volume of material, would like something, of course, is the most suitable of the round.  Water pipes, gas pipes, etc., that is, the imitation of this natural phenomenon.

 2.  Cylindrical power with the greatest support.  The weight of the tall canopy of trees thanks to a main support, in particular, fruitful trees, hung hundreds of fruit tree should have a strong support to survive.

 3.  To prevent external damage.  We know that trees are trees cortex nutrient transport channel, once the interruption of the cortex, the trees will die.  Trees are perennial plants, it’s life inevitably suffer a lot of external damage, especially in natural disasters.  If the stem is square, flat or other edges and corners, and more vulnerable to external shocks hurt.  Round of the trunk is different, wind wind and percussion, whether Kazamaki the dust and sand debris in the direction from which affected only very small part.  Therefore, the shape of the trunk is the result of trees to adapt to the natural environment is the result of long-term evolution.

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