The planet’s most exotic road is what?

 Beijing on December 4, according to U.S. media reports, the most direct route between two points should be straight, but very few straight roads, even straight, and some design of the road but also boring.  As the road is usually over the mountains, across the densely populated areas, but also consider the environmental and cost factors, so engineers around the world to design the most efficient route and brains.  Hard work pays off, they are racking their brains to do extraordinary design work, is commendable.  The following is the world’s most exotic, the most famous 18 highway and unique.


 Hana Highway runs through the north coast of Maui, is often regarded as the world’s most beautiful highway roadside one.

 Hana Highway full 52 miles (approximately 84 km), there are about 600 corners, and after 54 bridges (mostly one-way street).  Northwestern University Transportation Research Center, Civil Engineer Thani (Hani Mahmassani) said: “When you have to build in the coastal road like this, you have to do to maximize the local conditions. If you want more fast through the area, then the only tunneling, this way, the construction cost will be very high. “Mahmassani implemented over more than 100 leading transportation construction projects.  According to Tourism Bureau, Hawaii introduction, Hana Highway twists and turns of the roads are narrow, scenic road, some drivers tend to take 4 hours to pass.

 Stelvio Pass

      Stelvio Pass-called “48 bends”, that is along a total of 48 corners, and the average gradient of 7.4%.  Mahmassani said: “If from the hillside down before you, only two: First, cut the Stelvio mountain down the middle, the second is Z shaped tortuous.” Tour of Italy one of the most difficult held on the Stelvio mountain stages, according to U.S. standards, the average slope of 7.4% has been great.  He said the slope is about 6% of the maximum slope of the U.S. highway design, the need for emergency deceleration Road and security identity: “You drive up and down that road, I am afraid there will be a kind of sick feeling.”

 Guo Liang Tunnel

 70s of the 20th century made the local people dug by hand alone, was Mahmassani called “not only of sculpture and transport facilities.”  This tunnel through the most dangerous sections of the Taihang Mountains, and the cliffs on the side to enjoy the scenery of the “temporary window” contiguous.  Tunnel clearance is only 15 feet (about 4.5 meters), width is 12 feet (about 3.7 meters), the whole tunnel in the cliff all the side winding, a driver from here will be shocked after a cold sweat.

 Memorial Shaft Road

 Memorial Shaft (Monumental Axis) in Brasilia highway, road from the southeast and northwest toward both the core area of the Brazilian capital, Brasilia, Brazil, so as to Quwang the most important government, financial and cultural institutions provide a convenient things.  One of the world’s most unusual road.

 Brasilia in the late 20th century, the city of 50, making environmental engineers and architects can integrate a large building with highway.  Brasilia highway in the past is an important part of urban planning.  Some people claim that “mark the axis” has the world’s largest separation zone, located in the central position of this road will be open areas east and west of 12 traffic into two lanes.  Mahmassani would “mark the axis” compared to the National Mall in Washington DC: “You have a large green Kong Jian, Ji Keyicongshi private activities, Ye Ju Xing events can be used for, Biru presidential inauguration ceremony.”

大西洋海滨公路 Atlantic Beach Highway

 Atlantic coastal road known as “Atlantic Road”, length 5.4 miles (about 8.69 kilometers), located west coast of Norway, opened in 1989. 
Unique: the Atlantic coastal road from the eight bridges, each bridge has been an island.  Unique design of this road, after all the island’s natural landscape, Mahmassani On this point, said: “This is a considerable ingenuity of the road, the road to enjoy the beautiful scenery on both sides provided the opportunity.” Norwegian Foreign Ministry of the Atlantic coastal highway through the area vulnerable to hurricanes fall, the construction team during the construction of this road had already experienced 12 hurricanes.

 Iceland on the 1st road

 Iceland on the 1st road also known as “ring road” because it formed a big circle, circle the whole of Iceland are up.  Section of this road is only a one-way road, through the many bays along the way, sub-Arctic desert and the Atlantic coast.  One popular tourist road in Iceland, Iceland has become one of the landmarks, but, as the old bridge along the way, with no paved sections, the driver should be ready.

 Qieluohala Highway

 Unique: Qieluohala Highway (Cherohala Skyway) Although the full only 50 miles (80 kilometers) or so, but the cost up more than 100 million U.S. dollars, the design life of about 36 years.  This two-lane highway opened to traffic in 1996, after the area along the elevation varied widely, the lowest point in Tennessee is only 900 feet above sea level (approximately 274 m), highest point is North Carolina and Tennessee border peak “Huokenuobu” elevation 5400 feet (about 1646 m).  Qieluohala Highway was also Federal Highway Administration as “National Landscape Boulevard” is undoubtedly the east of the Mississippi section of one of the most beautiful scenery.

 Rong Vargas Road


 Wing Garth Road is located in western Bolivia, La Paz and Keluoyike connection.  In traveling this road, you do not expect to find any fence.  Wing Gaston Road at an altitude of 4000 feet (about 1219 meters) to more than 15,000 feet (about 4572 meters), with some sections of the width of only a few 10 feet (about 3 meters).

 Because of frequent traffic accidents, this road was notorious image known as “the road to death.”  Wild Wing Vargas road winds in Bolivia, 2000 feet (about 610 m) drop is not unusual for it to do.  Mahmassani In an interview, “Popular Mechanics” magazine interview, said: “The original Wing Vargas could be a donkey way, over time gradually evolved into a road.”

 Dalton Highway

 Unique: As is located in extremely remote and desolate areas, Dalton Highway natural look extraordinary.  This long road 414 miles (about 666 km), almost all are no paved roads, gravel roads everywhere.  Bureau of Land Management to remind motorists of potential: “You will not see any restaurants, gift shops and gas stations, can see only the forest, tundra and mountains, roads and pipelines are the same as two ribbons running through it.”


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