The United States a hundred years ago buried the town of the East “Dragon” Who?

 Then white in the eyes of the “China Mary” like a queen, like sesame seeds on the size of things in Chinatown, she pipes.  White to Chinatown then contemptuously called opium street ─ Hoptown, “China and Mali,” Chinatown is in power at that time, “Big Sister”, but the point is not vague.

 Tombstone the town’s most famous “Boot Hill cemetery” (Boothill-Graveyard).  China and Mali is buried here.

 Chivalric, Ganaiganhen of China and Mali

 The latest issue of the United States, “World Magazine” says, “China Mary” December 6, 2006 death of a hundred years has passed, any Chinese travel to Tombstone, Arizona, please do not forget to bend into the boots Hill Cemetery to Kill for the Chinese say hello, pondering about.

 From the East “Dragon”

 Early pioneering era in the United States, in the midst of desert sand in the mining area from the east appeared a “dragon”, but it is amazing how people criticized it!  Of the 18th century, a time when the Qing dynasty years 1875 ─ 1908 year has been the late Qing, a Chinese woman actually began crossing the ocean, into strange foreign land, how she and the blonde foreigners communicate with her?  She left a thousand mountains, back water sojourn in the desert state of million spent her lifetime, her life BenBen wave, dealing with people, without exception, is that fresh Dodge!  Her novels a bit like the story of the heroine, unique personality, style of Girls Hero extremely exciting.

where can I get bubble wrap?

 Chinese job less difficult for her to pull strings

 “China Mary” true identity, no one knows the correct age at birth, then her, “Aaron’s wife” status appears on the gravestone in town, her voluptuous, body building, who always dressed in elegant embroidered pattern, silk brocade as many Tang suit, gorgeous superior, who often dressed in many different exotic jewelry.  “China Mary” act in a very neat way, then by her handling of Chinatown businesses, identity, contract, job, salary, all by her look over fares, introduced approved, there is no “China Mary” take the line of contact, the Chinese hard find a job in San Francisco during that time she and the six companies (SixCompanies) have a good close relationship with frequent exchanges interaction.

 At that time most Chinese live in the vicinity of Third Street to Fifth Street, does not exceed the ToughnutSt. Range, the Chinese housing is very tight, digging the basement to outside the house are connected, some of the basement for casinos, opium dens of the , of which there are activity centers, the Chinese Center for all parties.  Aaron and his wife, in addition to running his own restaurant sill (Can-CanRestaurant), also operates the gift shop, an employment agency, wholesale trading business, “China and Mali,” which also operates the opium dens, the red light district the right business, the couple’s property , business is considerable, then white in the eyes of the “China Mary” like a queen, as a matter of Chinatown on the size of sesame seeds, she pipes.  White to Chinatown then contemptuously called opium street ─ Hoptown, “China and Mali,” Chinatown is in power at that time, “Big Sister”, but the point is not vague.

 Pro-poor to save a good reputation to win the weak Yoshiyuki

 “China Mary” work very capable, very universal man, bold, dare to dare, quite heroine’s character, she is a woman, a Ci Xinshan intestine, those hard-working, honest people are in trouble once, she have given great help to many illnesses, people who do not eat home for help, “China Mary” would not reject them at the door, 11 RBI problem solving, dedication and the poor economy to save the poor.  There was a white cowboy fell off the horse and lost a leg, “China Mary” not only asked people to hospital, the burden of the cost of all hospital expenses, until a full recovery until the white jeans, a similar number of pro-poor to save the righteous weak charity by the person quoted and spread to.  Her public-spirited, old nursery in the town supporting the good deeds have won the respect of white society, but also to the “China Mary” in the Tombstone town has a good reputation, popularity, fame quite well, her generosity was her success way, “China Mary” is one of China’s Extraordinary Young white eyes.

 The book also describes the many small episode, the emotional ups and downs in this life can not be 11 hearts out, but “China Mary” life is colorful, Ganaiganhen the Xingqingzhongren, her later life is also put up with hardships, blood and tears of life articles, her story is the bitterness of the early Chinese immigrants pages.  “China Mary” died in the area is big news.

 December 18, 1906, Tombstone Epitaph town local newspaper published an article “China Mary” had died, the funeral is to take over from the CBTarbell funeral, the funeral is also handled in full accordance with Chinese custom, and her death in the white community classes by the great attention and respect, the public funeral ceremony is a sensation, white residents to show “China Mary” of admiration, respect and love for me.

 One of ordinary people born in Tombstone Mr.GladysKendall’s mother attended the “China Mary” of the funeral, Kendall’s wife saw the funeral, the ceremony saw and heard in person are documented in detail, but also relayed to her his sons, these and true to the records provided by the Mr.GladysKendall Cui Vic.  Cui Vic Mrs. Kendall recorded in accordance with all these, another collection of information is reproduced everywhere a book, published in 1989 listed.

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 Her funeral opened to white eyes

 According to oral Mr.Kendall mother, “China Mary” encoffining teak coffin after the park from the house in Ellen Street, the room lit incense thin for the whole roast pig on the table, all the sheep, chickens, ducks, there are vegetables and fruit, in addition to the four men hemp mourn, worship night before in the Spirit, burning incense, chanting non-stop, all to attend the funeral of Chinese women are dressed, their faces painted with thick white powder , expression of sorrow, they wear Yucui, ivory ornaments.  The ranks is quite a grand funeral, a professional music groups play a dirge, the way the cast has kept a lot of paper money and incense, paper money and incense are used to kill those who their lives on the road of “debt collection ghosts”, so they blocked the dead demons the path, so soon be dead, in the smooth arrival of Paradise.

 The ranks of the funeral to boot hill cemetery, the coffin slowly down hole buried, the funeral, the grave for good meat dishes also allow local residents to share, but also count to the “China Mary” to their lives on the road preserves a line of it!  Good journey!  Her funeral letting white people an eye-opener, and constantly circulating among the people, saying the chant with the Chinese Extraordinary Young ─ ─ “China and Mali.”


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