The world has the beautiful princess?

 Sweden’s Princess Madeleine 

 to natural beauty and approachable image of the people won the love.  In 2003 when a Swedish popular magazine also specifically made the pull photos princess poster.  To the royal family is very angry, a spokesman for Elizabeth had also told the Swedish Royal Evening “Aftonbladet” Reporter: “do not want to be Princess Madeleine posters models being nailed to the wall random.”

Martha Louise Norway’s Princess Martha Louise 
Birthday: September 22, 1971 Parents: King Harald and Queen Sonja Martha Louise’s mother, Sonja Haraldsen was a civilian, Zengyin can trigger intense debate into the royal family, and Martha and he himself was married to a civilian in 2002 Nianxia AriBehn, profited before the assessment of wind very well, as a writer and television producer, he has hosted a television station in Norway, a prostitute-themed show, and I too was once Fanglangxinghai of “addicts.”  Fortunately, life after marriage as trivial as all previous stories and happy marriage, and add a row of two small babies, all married with two photographs of the Princess are very sweet smile.  Martha has been in the Norwegian national television anchors a file named “fairy tale princess world,” the story of episodes.

Olivia Enriqueta Spanish Princess Olivia Enriqueta 
Born 1974, friendly smile, with a strong Spanish style princess.

 Princess Haya of Jordan, born in 1974, Princess Haya is a beautiful mouth of King Hussein’s eldest daughter in marriage the third time, half-sister of King Abdullah.  Mother is a Palestinian born in 1977 died in an air crash.  Princess Haya like horse riding, has represented her country at the Sydney Olympic Games.  She also loves football, where the Jordanian teams at the tournament, she must each.

 Princess Victoria of Sweden 

 Birthday: July 14, 1977 Parents: King and Queen Silvia CarlXVIGustaf 
January 1, 1980, just two years old and more Princess Victoria officially became the first female Crown Prince of Sweden, in addition to formal education, in the middle school, it was arranged in Stockholm, the Swedish National Heritage Museum and the Royal Society when collection intern, to better understand the history of Sweden and the palace of the various collections.  Since 2003, twice in the Swedish army in military training.  So carefree Victoria relative to the average distance from the throne, the princess still N to the atmosphere is much more stable, more female Wang Fengfan between gestures.  When the civilians are not royal welcome DanielWestling boyfriend, she has already given verbal commitments, choose responsibility, to give up love.

 Monaco “rebellious Princess” Stephanie 

 Stephanie is the youngest child, Prince Rainier III, the charm of her graceful, versatile, and has been a model, had been a rock star, fashion designer.  Her foster father’s favorite bohemian character, especially in marriage, when she likes when a man would love to distraction, regardless of his age, identity and status, the response from the outside world is not paid no attention.  According to media to rough statistics, Princess Stephanie’s marriage at least 7 times, including two of her bodyguards, the master painter, master of bread and the circus elephant division.  The then 29-year-old boyfriend and Portugal acrobat Adams – Peres secretly married.

Charlotte Princess Charlotte of Monaco 
Birthday: August 3, 1986 Parents: Stefano Casiraghi and Princess Caroline Charlotte who seems atavistic features can be found than her mother, Caroline, whether from temperament or both features closer to Grandma GraceKelly princess, noble demeanor totally natural.  Slightly bloated in the number of royal princess, she not only great looking, even the relatively more slender body, usually dressed also in line with an active character to their whims and comfortable with the main trend quite street sense, since 2001 She appears almost monthly fashion magazine.  Some people even insist that she paired with Prince William Britain a pair, but the real thing was someone else, is the son of the Brussels Bar FelixWinck.

Beatrice British Princess Beatrice
Andrew Sarah Ferguson Birthday: August 8, 1988 Parents: Andrew Prince and Sarah Ferguson 
The little princess in the next go-between cousins Prince William and 24-year-old DavidClark love at first sight, and became envious of couples.  Although Beatrice expensive for the British heir to the throne V, Clark’s backing is not small, not only to Section graduated with excellent scores in Prince William attended the University of St Andrews, and net worth tens of millions of pounds, have a value in north London 5 million mansion.  Clark worked for Virgin space as companies engaged in the promotion of space tourism business, Beatrice decided to accept her boyfriend at the invitation of billionaire Branson in 2008 to participate in space travel scheme launched, becoming the first royal in space.


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