The world’s most bizarre houses are like?

December 12, 2009 According to media reports, the United States, “Popular Mechanics” magazine recently listed the world’s most bizarre style and design of the 18 most innovative DIY home.  These residential buildings in different styles, and even features exotic, such as Australia, octagonal housing can rotate 360 degrees.

 222 houses, this building houses in the southwest coast of Wales, a national park.  Now it sink under the ground, so you can see from the map view was somewhat inconsistent.  It is the future of the system by the British architect design firm in 1994.

 Strange point: the roof and side walls of housing 222 are covered with a layer of turf, so that it looks a perfect match with the ground pasture.  Colio Stephanopoulos Comments Road, “it has integrated into the housing together with the local environment and minimize visual impact.” In the housing interior, bathroom and kitchen are all prefabricated modules, so you can separate the construction.  Another advantage of this design is one of the geothermal system can reduce both wind energy consumption.

 Free ball housing in British Columbia, Canada, the hanging in a tree house from a Canadian couple Tom and Rosie’s whim.  They want to be hanging in the air that the spherical living space recommended to consumers around the world.

 Peculiar about: Tom and Rosie already has two such spheres housing.  Among them, the “Eve” model No. 9 feet in diameter (about 2.7 meters), “Erin,” a model of a diameter of 10.5 feet (about 3.2 meters).  In the sphere of their houses, equipped with water pipes, wires and insulated objects and other basic facilities.  Ball weighs about one thousand one hundred pounds (about 500 kg).  According to Tom and Rosie introduced, this structure will have a slight swing in the wind, the wind will let residents have a wonderful swing feel.

 Chameleon housing in Michigan, in 2006, Anderson construction company built on top of a hill in this building houses.  From the house overlooking a cherry orchard and Lake Michigan.  As the entire building was built using prefabricated materials, the construction process took only less than eight weeks.

 Peculiar about: This building’s steel frame wrapped outer layer of corrugated translucent acrylic material, this material can be reflected around the light.  The Cherry Orchard and Lake Michigan as the change in scenery, this building reflected light would change color, like chameleons on the living environment will change with the same color.

 Oblique House is located in Windsor, Windsor, England, this house was built in 1592, it was not until 1718 that it it the iconic “tilt” feature.  1718, this building houses the materials used in reconstruction is a newly cut oak timber, so only a “tilt” phenomenon.

 Peculiar Office: Windsor House of known skew, not only because of its “tilt”, also lies in its basement there is a secret passage leading to Windsor Castle. As we all know, Windsor Castle is the world’s largest and oldest inhabited castle there, which is one of the Queen’s official residence.  It is understood that this channel may be Charles I and his mistress had a rendezvous place, it could be kitchen supplies Windsor Corridor.  At present, this channel has been closed.  For centuries, Windsor House is mainly used for a variety of oblique commercial purposes.  It was once a bar, and later, a jewelry store, is now changed to a hotel.

 Klein bottle house, is a peninsula located in Dayton, Australia Dumoulin villa.  This building beach house by the Australian “McBride Charles Ryan” designed by architectural firm, won the 2009 World Architecture Festival, “Best R” nomination.

 Curiosity in the:

 Klein bottle is a very complicated mathematical concepts, is a kind of inside and outside of no points, no three-dimensional orientation of the torus.  Its structure is like a hole in the bottom of a bottle, the bottle’s neck extended, and distorted into the bottle inside and bottom of the hole and then connected.  This is a never find the edge surface of the object will never end.  The building’s design inspiration comes from the Klein bottle, it looks as if it simply could not tell where is internal, where is the external.  It is a steel structure building, of concrete and metal materials built.  At first, the designer’s idea is to build a small house central courtyard, in order to ensure the entire house ventilation.  This building, “Klein bottle” structure of housing to achieve the designer’s original intentions.

 Mushroom house, the name suggests, is the housing shaped like mushrooms.  Its base of a wall with stone or bricks, each of half a meter above and below ground, the plywood will land on it with a paragraph Move Chung Lei Cheng real wall, the last thatched roof covered with multi-slope into four.

 In ancient times, the Hani people lived in caves.  Later they moved to a man named “Draw Lo” in place, see the hills are covered with big flower big flower growing of mushrooms, they are not afraid of wind and rain, but also for ants and insects in the following nesting habitat, they will more than a look built a mushroom.

 Love Hua Linhan rotating tower housing in Australia, this octagonal-shaped housing can achieve 360-degree rotation.  House sitting, just gently press the button, can automatically rotate the house.

 Strange point: the rotating housing by a rotating drive the drive.  Rotary gear drive formed by the 32 by two 500-watt motor provides rotary power.  By rotating the drive shaft housing can be around 360 columns for the full range of rotation.  It is very slow rotation, determined by the owner necessary, it can in 30 minutes to 2 hours to complete 360-degree rotation, so the people inside would not have vertigo.  House up to 24 meters in diameter, with octagonal design, and has 360-degree circle of the corridor.  Most of the wall of a house made of glass or steel, the owner may at any time from the sun.  Geothermal system will be stable at room temperature has been 71.6 degrees Fahrenheit (about 22 degrees Celsius).  Indoor wiring and pipes are concentrated in the central, so housing will not cause them to spiral rotation.

 House of Leaves at Dores to Hong Kong and Brazil Mareines + Patalano architectural design company.  The roof looks like a huge flower, with six symmetrical petals, leaf shape as each piece is the house under the petals of each room.

 Peculiar Department: “Leaf House” by the Brazilian Mareines + Patalano architectural design company.  The company will completely separate interior space and corridors designed to make wind directly through the entire building, can play a good ventilation cooling effect. In the “House of Leaves”, people do not see the obvious corridor, and indoor and outdoor do not have any clear boundaries.

 To “Bubble Palace” named buildings down by the Finnish architect Antioch W (AnttiLovag) built in 1968 and now fashion designer Pierre Cardin PierreCardin) private villa.  This special form of holiday villas, will be just right round use, such as diving glasses-like facade, wave-shaped ceiling, arched walkway, round bed, ball lighting, furniture … … very lively and interesting elegant.  Round swimming pool and a capacity of 500 outdoor theater plays a more luxurious villas.

 Curiosity in the: In this building, there is no sharp corner, and no straight lines.  From the outside, it looks like a one round bubble, above many of the same fish eye viewfinder.  Inside, wave-shaped ceiling, arched walkway, round bed, ball lighting and so display its unique side.  Luo Wage Bubble Palace can also be integrated with the outdoor environment, outdoor palm trees and waterfalls and other landscape a perfect match with the Bubble Palace.

 Transformers-style housing, the United Kingdom there has been a wonderful home.  March 2009, according to the British “Daily Mail” reported that at first glance, the British man Ross Russell of residential construction in Suffolk County and the traditional houses of East Anglia is no different, but the click of a button He can change the shape of his home.  This “Transformers Edition” of housing will undoubtedly give “move” the word new meaning.  In just 6 minutes of time, cover the top of the house of steel and wooden shell can be the same as the slider slides forward, also retractable cover ancillary rooms and courtyard, while leaving the bathroom as open, or semi- bathroom stop en route to cover, but in turn heating exposed in broad daylight.


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