What animal session of the half-breed?

 Human half-breed surprising, because they just color and physical differences, the chromosomes can still pair, so it is normal for human beings, and even has a half-breed more good than non-gene.  The animal world’s half-breed is not so optimistic, and most of them infertile.

 We are most familiar with hybrid animal, than a mule, and is the son of donkey and horse mating hybrid born.  It is said jackass and mare combination of genes more easily, so most of the mules are so hybrid, known as the mule.  The stallion and the mare out after the build out on that jennet.  I think that it is called a matrilineal society, the mule’s name is also their mother’s surname.  Unfortunately mule, mules, and most of the public life of the mother down the mule is no reproductive capacity.  Therefore, the continuation of race horses and donkeys to look at the eye level.

 However, with advances in assisted reproductive technology in human intervention, many closer to five, in the human-sponsored, the one on another, and then give birth to a new hybrid.  Search surprising today to give us born 10 hybrid animals.  Look at the creation of human ability, whether one day catch up with God.

 1. Zebra and horse born in the hybrid

 Although parents call horse, but about the fate of a mule.  From the 19th century, people began to cultivate Zebroid, looks like through the PS, Daoting.

 2. Lion mating with the vixen Shi Hu

 Lion and the vixen of the offspring is called Shi Hu Liger, male tiger and lioness called the descendants of Tigon, tiger lion.  This is down from the implementation of a patriarchal society.

 3. Buffalo and cow mating

 Beefalo meat than beef fat and cholesterol content is low.  According to farmers raising Beefalo Mark Merril said, their meat has a richer flavor than regular beef, mild and sweet, more juice.

 4. Camels and llamas mating

 Llama, also known as non-peak camel or llama, alpaca is, with different common camel, no hump.  Body is too small.  Camel mating with students Cama, ears the size of just the size of the middle ear between two camels.  Now also the only remaining such a Cama.

 5. Leopards and lions mating

 Leopard lion, not violence.  The male and female lion mating leopard born.  Leopard whole body, just like the lion head also.  The earliest record is 1910, India Kolhapur feeding.

 6. Steppe Serval and domestic cat hybrids

 Serval originally from Portuguese, meaning ‘like a deer in the wolf’.  To know the Tau cat looks really “vulgarity”: slender body, slender limbs, tall long neck, plus a pair of oversized ears by close relative, so that the ancient people had a “wolf” and “deer” Lenovo also not surprising. Savannah Savannah head also like cats, but the huge size more.  This is starting to catch mice to, more mighty ah.

 7. Polar bear and brown bear mating

 Grizzly Polar is a rare hybrid, not only of artificial cultivation, but also found in natural hybrid.  In Canada in 2006 on the island near the Arctic Banks looks strange people who have witnessed a bear, after DNA testing proved to be a polar bear and brown bear mating.  It appears that different ethnic groups will naturally produce feelings of Bear.


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