What are the more exotic toothpaste?

Speaking of toothpaste I think everyone can not be cooked cooked, because it is the everyday life we have to use every day from each of the cleaning supplies.

 According to historical records, Greek, Roman, Hebrew for many years began in 2000, using chalk, animal bone meal, made of pumice cleaning teeth even aeruginosa oral cleaning agent. As early as the Tang Dynasty of China which we have associated records that there were herbal Glister, dentifrices of the prescription.

 All the signs are that the human love of teeth, dental care has been what the ancient custom known.  But with the progress of the times, technology, continuous improvement and perfection of the world all different kinds of toothpaste from a function comparable to the grade of the ancients had used tooth powder, prescription, but with a qualitative leap that has long been not a single clean-type tool.  According to statistics related to the world now has hundreds of toothpaste brands, today selected the foreign media selected the “make you scared out teeth of the 10 kinds of exotic toothpaste,” Let us insight about what is meant by the world’s large, full of wonders!

 First, chocolate toothpaste

 Unilever Philippines 2005, sales of limited-edition chocolate-flavored fluoride toothpaste.  I believe many people first heard the chocolate toothpaste is immune believe developers is how to make two things absolutely do not fly to contact a go.  Mention it because most people would think that silky sweet chocolate taste.  Difficult to contact him with a piece of toothpaste, and we all know, sweets also easy to make people give birth in the mouth teeth, it carries it as a raw material to do more toothpaste that’s not to brush teeth more rotten? The answer is no.

 According to Tulane University doctoral student Arman Sadeghpour research suggests that chocolate’s main cocoa powder material may not be so effective protection can be teeth, even more than usual to add the fluoride in toothpaste better.  From this we can imagine, if the national oral-support in China if the introduction of chocolate toothpaste, then … … it must be very spectacular scenes ah!

 Second, life-threatening toothpaste

 This Thai manufacturers of twin lotus herbal toothpaste is said to allow two users have almost ashamed of his life.  Caused by these two causes of the accident is a toothpaste factory in excess of toxic chemical ingredients, users of some people with heart disease who he really is known as call by Death.  Which products can be something wrong or approval of the appropriate test under the production, fortunately did not cause the death of life, but this also led to a no small controversy in Thailand, this you can see, really corrupt and more countries is killed or to attractiveness ah.

 3, Bacon toothpaste

 Today more and more people like Francis Bacon, many family dinner table has become an indispensable food.  But you have heard there are bacon flavored toothpaste it?  The bacon on the map, which toothpaste is now very popular product abroad.  Because he not only make your lips and teeth are the long-term protection of your mouth mouth smell of fresh bacon, the most important, he let you open the appetite meal Guarantee ah.  Rumor has now also introduced the factory to the taste of pork and bacon!  Words, this company would like something really no way out, imagine the smell of bacon when you mouth in life and work with people, not all people think of gourmet temptations, rest assured? So think not everyone is suited to use this toothpaste.

 4, whiskey toothpaste

 This is a kind of toothpaste we consider it strange.  Think about when you wake up with this mix of scotch and bourbon-flavored toothpaste and drive out.  Once run into serious traffic police on duty uncles, you may really justified by the soldiers encountered a monk unclear, ah!  But in turn, would like for an alcoholic friend, he actually considered a Gospel.  It also proved the existence of a reason to remain constant, there is reasonable.

 5, two-way toothpaste

 Such people are prepared for lazy way of toothpaste, let alone really is essential for life, the ideal partner.  Can also reduce the number of family quarrels to reduce the beginning of the morning and evening that a lot of people a bad mood because of his family members of the sheer inefficiency.  Toothpaste can be said now that two-way brought the gospel to many families.  Because it is not from London you can out of that direction, which to satisfy the average family in the Qinjianchijia principle, which is a useful gadgets.

6, black charcoal toothpaste monkey card

 Bamboo salt toothpaste I think many people have heard from the ad, but the charcoal toothpaste must have a lot of people are they do not think he existed.  Close your eyes and imagine that the next when you mouth to brush their teeth with charcoal black scene, it is estimated that many people have memories shudder, in this life do not want to brush your teeth, if this is really heinous a well.  In fact, like toothpaste, chocolate, charcoal toothpaste, although not as good as he sounds nice and tasty, but after using it for your teeth whitening whitening will become more so.  Because in such a toothpaste containing the Vickers Auto and charcoal in the joint will produce unexpected results whitening.  This effect was only to lighten the skin of his back we have to endure the kind of very exciting flavors, it is generally difficult to tolerate people estimate that seems to really do anything to have to pay a price to complete.  According to legend, this recipe is one from black African tribes.  No wonder the black fellow’s teeth are so white, in fact they have this secret method.

 7, value in gold of the Khmer toothpaste

 This strange toothpaste from France, its whole body is dark red, with cloves, licorice, mint flavors.  Is a production from 1893 began the production of toothpaste in the century-old’s latest product.  According to media reports related to the toothpaste not only has a very stylish name, and his whitening effect is one of the world’s best products, of course, he is also the obvious shortcomings of the price of gold has almost caught up.

 8, champagne toothpaste

 If you like champagne Atsumi, not whiskey strong, then it should even be tailored perfectly to your toothpaste. Think about what you spend 10 dollars you can make friends who love good wine to enjoy this unique gift, is not a dream tonight, will laugh ah.

 9, the Japanese black toothpaste

 And above the black monkey brand toothpaste, he is also the main raw material comes from the charcoal, because as the firing of black charcoal color in Japan hence the name.  But his origin in Korea, called the Japanese black toothpaste.  I remember the first back to see friends in South Korea when using this toothpaste, I was very surprised, thought when he used poison.  Later, he wanted confirmation before he knew it was from Japan released in 2003 Kobayashi Pharmaceutical Sumigaki charcoal toothpaste.  It is said to make us more of the fresh smell of the mouth, while also whitening can make teeth more.  However, because they have not tried, so I do not know if it is really effective, but look at my Korean friend’s teeth like better than mine, estimated Bacheng still a little effect. As a result, had to sigh under the magic of technology, anything is possible really ah!

10, ice cream, toothpaste

 Just listen to the name to know in order to attract children to their product offerings.  He is a pediatric dentist by the United States Canel – Horton to create the brand.  Her goal is to create a truly special toothpaste for children who love to help children brush their teeth, to develop a good habit of brushing teeth, brushing teeth to enjoy the fun.  Currently, it has an orange ice cream toothpaste, Chacha chocolate and vanilla flavors, not only the materials contain any artificial colors, flavors and saccharin and sodium lauryl sulfate, can be said that this is indeed spent Canel not less time and effort to help children develop good habits.  Also proved that not everyone is chasing the rights and interests of the ball, but Canel really worth the time my generation learn from.


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