What is a classic top paparazzi photo shoot?

While paparazzi hate, such as crossing the street in the eyes of rats star general, but we can not deny that they do to the public brought unexpected pleasure … …

 This is Britney Spears in liposuction, right? !

 Jennifer Lopez, makeup?  Massage?  Get a rubdown with a damp towel?

 Monroe and the president have a good “friendship”

 Vieri and temporary girlfriend sexy plus funny show

 Hilton in prison for inmates cleaning the toilet

 Berry the Oscar blackened, I do not know what purpose

. have her legs, but also her husband to help shave

 Cruise 1, Tom is very small delight

 Madonna also own Ironing

 Michael Douglas at heart, old man, still finding their way in the thicket of beauty

Bill Gates also used ipod


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