Why does Cambodia have to learn to smoke before the girls get married?

As the saying goes, for men as marriage, a girl, once married.  Marriage is a big deal, since ancient times, countries and ethnic groups have some of the traditional marriage customs.  In Cambodia, rural women generally in the 15-year-old men about to be married at 20, the Marriage is very particular – today many countries have anti-smoking action, but the girls in Cambodia who has to learn to smoke smoke.

 Marriageable girls “confined”

 Cambodia’s population of about more than 10 million, to the main Khmer.  Mature older women and men in the country, and popular early marriage, or the contempt for secular, traditional marriage customs of the women are very strict constraints.  To the age of marriage for girls, parents place her in the room, please monks to chant blessings, to the date set to go out, this period was called the “cover date”, eating, sleeping, bathing are only in their own the room can not see any man, even his father and brothers are no exception.

 Cover the length of the date of the family wealth according to different levels and different, can be 3 months, 6 months or a year.  Cover date of the end of the parents will not allow married the daughter, and her daughter can not eat fish and meat, or will misfortune.

     Cambodian people’s views and practices of marriage are the tradition of making decisions is usually the parents of both men and women.  To the age of marriage, the parents of young men trying to understand their own eyes on the girl’s birthday horoscopes and birthday parties to ask people in one character is affordable, appropriate care will be a matchmaker to marry the woman home.  At a time when the woman’s parents to actively investigate the circumstances groom, after carefully weighing and seriously consider the possibility after the marriage promise down.  Woman’s consent, the man according to family economic situation of women by the male relatives of women marched up to give dowry to the woman home.

 Bride price divided by the size of the small ceremony, the ceremony, gift, clothes, gold and silver jewelry, vegetables, fruits, chickens, ducks, fish, meat, wine.  Once women to receive the bride price, it’s like engaged.  Because of the traditional constraints, both men and women after the engagement still did not know each situation.

 Procedure wedding complicated

 Like traditional Chinese wedding ceremony, the Cambodian people are very particular about the wedding.  Before the wedding, both young men and women but also the parents and accompanied by two witnesses to the street committee or township government to register their marriage, officials announced that prefer to register married, married to sign to receive the book.

 In Cambodia, usually men “married” to the woman home, the entire wedding ceremony held in woman’s home, to be held three days straight.  The first day is called “into the studio day” in the morning, the elder man to a woman’s home set up to groom shed, shed, and cooking shed welcome.  Band later invited the man home, “to send Lang Song”, the groom, accompanied by their parents, with mats, blankets and other wedding supplies, came to the woman home, live in groom shed.

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 The next day was “being Japanese” is the most important day of the wedding.  Morning, both men and women are gathered together friends and family.  First, the bride’s parents to go to church elders at the house, “rites.”  Held at 4 pm “haircut ceremony.”  Barber After the ceremony, to ask 45 monks held for the bride and groom about half an hour of “imperial abuse by chanting ceremony.”  Then, at the wedding reception.  12 midnight, held a “thread-tying ceremony”, the bride and groom put their hands together, both parents and elders to 23 silk thread wrapped around the bride and groom’s wrist, said the two pure heart and the two families came together.

 On the third day of “weddings Day” is the last day of the wedding.  Early morning, the groom would be “auspicious old” go gracefully sacrifice weddings Department, the bride hid behind the curtain.  At this time, the band played “weddings songs.”  Singers sang old songs, singing complete, the bride’s maid of honor accompanied by behind the scenes out, and the groom sit side by side, with the bow down to.  Weddings ceremony, the singer sang “I received Song,” sung complete, singer to the floor mat rolled up, walk around, bark, the bride and groom a little money to the mat with a “buy”, carrying the Jin Dongfang , guests are gradually withdraw from the public, end of the wedding.

 Smoking, in order to experience the taste of life

 Marriage and a tourist must-see in Cambodia highlights that girls must learn to smoke.  Traditionally, when women grow up to 67 years old, parents ready for their pipe, began to teach them to smoke.  Why?  It turned out that parents believe that smoking can make children understand that the daily production and life is ups and downs of taste, especially potent smoke can make people refreshing, blowing in the Forest Bank Road, no matter how far would not get lost.  To the 15-year-old, the girls if not smoking would be considered not beautiful, or even immoral.  Therefore, no matter how uncomfortable, the girls have to summon up the resolve to learn to smoke.

 Crazy monks smoke

 Cambodian people like to smoke, so that a stall selling cigarettes everywhere.  In fact, in addition to young girls smoking, the monks of the country’s smoking status is also very serious.  May 2002, from Thailand, Cambodia, Sri Lanka’s monks in Phnom Penh held a three-day seminar, the theme is “Buddhism and Tobacco Control”, was convened this seminar is to make the monks in Asia example of anti-smoking campaign, they are key figures in society, are generally respected.  Can make people big surprise is that smoking is crazy monks.

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 According to relevant statistics in Cambodia, Cambodia, a total of 59,000 monks, but smoking is actually the ratio of up to 36%!  Smoking is very popular in the monks, so that Buddhism and Buddhist Conference held in some of the ceremony, in addition to supply drinks and fruit, there are cigarettes.


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