The most thrilling challenge of the world’s most exciting 16th most ” polar “

Abstract: The bustling city , can you imagine if living in the most remote regions of the world be like a state of mind , can you imagine if most are in the most cold dry place is also able to survive, following the 16 places are where the planet’s most extreme , the most the most exciting adventure of the most challenging polar .

Earth’s highest point

1 . Earth ‘s highest point

Altitude of 8848 meters the highest peak Mount Everest to the world famous for the world . But this is not entirely right, depending on the perspective of people from how to look at the problem . Of course, Everest jian from the sea level height is indeed the highest on Earth , but Earth itself is not a normative sphere , seen in the universe , where in fact a slightly lower bit is the ” world’s highest peak . ” Compared with Everest , the place known to be much smaller , it is Ecuador ‘s Chimborazo Mountain (Chimborazo), only 6272 meters above sea level . However, the appearance of elliptical Earth , compared with Everest , the peak from outer space closer.

The world’s most remote islands

2 . the world’s most remote islands

Tristan – da Cunha is one of the South Atlantic archipelago , is one of the British Overseas Territory . It is the world’s most remote inhabited islands and from South Africa, 2816 km , 3360 km from South America . This is a very small island, there is no airport , only 272 people, eight names . Aboriginal genetic asthma and glaucoma . Island in the 19th century by the British annexation . Here is a zip code, people can buy things online , but is estimated to be long before the postman delivered .

Mariana Trench

3 . the lowest point of the ocean

Mariana Trench in the northeastern Philippines , the Mariana Islands in the Pacific end of length of 2550 km , for the arc , the average width of 70 km , most of the water depth of 8,000 meters. The deepest is 11,034 meters . If Mount Everest on here , then it ‘s peak there are more than 2000 meters from the sea . Trench at the bottom of the sea level pressure, the pressure is 1,000 times more .

Dead Sea

4 . the lowest point on land

Dead Sea in Jordan and Israel border zone , an elevation of 422 m negative , the land on Earth has revealed the lowest point , the whole world has become a way around the world, the lowest elevation of the road . Water salinity up to 300g / L, 8.6 times the general water , 10 times the salinity of the Mediterranean .

The coldest place on Earth , and most dry place

5 . coldest place on Earth , and most dry place

Only some of the Antarctic continent from the other scientific test and whaling team , no indigenous population , also found no traces of ancient human activities . Until now, Antarctica, no factories , farms, rely on local natural resources and the environment, humans can not survive in Antarctica , because Antarctica is cold . In 1983, scientists have measured here the minimum temperature of minus 129 degrees Fahrenheit (about minus 89 degrees Celsius ) . Interestingly, Antarctica is the driest on Earth is also the most humid place. It most ” wet ” , not because there are abundant rainfall , but because 98% of the parts of Antarctica were ice covered . However , because of its extreme cold , here is the world’s driest places , the annual rainfall of less than 2 inches ( about 5 cm ) .

The largest vertical drop on Earth

6 . the largest vertical drop on Earth

Canada Aoyiteke National Park, Dole is the most famous mountain peaks , it has 4100 feet (about 1250 m ) of the amazing vertical drop , mainly by the high purity of the peaks of granite , here is the extreme sports and Climber ‘s paradise. In 2006, there was an explorer who died here .

Bentley under glacial valley

7 . Earth at the lowest point under the ice

Bentley ice of Antarctica next valley is a huge valley , located in 8,383 feet below sea level (about 2555 m ) . It is covered by sea water on Earth is not the lowest place. However, the land was awarded to the lowest point is the Dead Sea . Because it actually is in the land, while the valley was under glacial ice Bentley – Another form of water covered . The valley area with Mexico almost .

Hottest place on earth

8 . the hottest place on earth

Where is the hottest place in the world ? This issue has been very controversial , Death Valley , California is known for hot , its highest recorded temperature was 134 degrees Fahrenheit (about 57 degrees Celsius ) . But the official recognition of the hottest current land is Libya’s Al Azizyah, where temperatures had reached 136 degrees Fahrenheit (about 58 degrees Celsius ) .

The oldest parts of the world

9 . the world’s most ancient places

People in Greenland , South Africa and Australia have discovered the oldest rocks on Earth , but come out on top is Quebec, Canada Hudson Sun Wandong coast found “Nuvvuagittuq” greenstone belt .

Scientists After 7 years of research and testing , found that the ancient Earth’s shell region has about 4.28 billion years old, than the previous oldest known sample of older crust 250 million years old .

Experts estimate that the oldest rocks on Earth may have come from the moon . Apollo 15 astronaut James Irwin and David Scott brought back from the moon rock samples on the table – ” Genesis Rock “(genesis rock) age of about ” 4.5 billion ” years old, ” Genesis Rock ” Shell may be the most primitive part of the moon .

Wettest place in the world

10 . wettest places in the world

We all know that most parts of the world’s rain should be a tropical rain forest .Province (Departamento deChoc) located in the border zone with Panama , is widely recognized as the world’s most humid place. The place is more humid ? According to statistics, the town of Choco province Tutunendo rainfall in 1974, a staggering 26 meters ! The town’s annual average rainfall of 11 meters ! And 2 / 3 of the time in the evening rain .

Earth days a year where most of rainfall is the island of Kauai , Hawaii, USA Wai’ale’ale Hill , Wai’ale’ale Hawaiian means too much rain , were as a matter of fact , here is where the United States the most rain , but also the entire One of the world’s most humid places where there are about 350 rainy days a year to travel here , then we must bring rain gear .

In the world where the most snow

11 . in the world where the most snow

Large snow often occurs in high mountain areas , mountains block moisture encounter continuously climbing groups , water vapor condensation point and therefore become more than a sprinkling of snow . But there are exceptions, sometimes heavy snow in some unexpected places come . February 14, 1927 , the researchers measured , Japan Ibuki (MountIbuki) of snow actually reached 38.8 feet (about 11.82 meters ) .

From 1971 to 1972 , Washington, Mount Rainier ‘s snow had reached 93.5 feet (about 28.5 meters ) of the historical record. However, this record was to be near the Baker Hill in 1998 to 1999, winter 95 feet (about 29 meters ) of snow by the break .

Peak in the higher elevations , snow rarely give people a big inconvenience , but if it is in urban areas is different. The figure shows in Russia and Ukraine , in the face you have not seen snow boots , people living in urban areas have open snow .

The world’s driest place

12 . the world’s driest place

Chile ‘s Atacama Desert , in the best of circumstances and few of its rainfall , and in the worst case where there is little rain , but this is precisely the most common . Northwest of the town of Arica , Chile , in October 1903 to January 1918 there is no rainfall during the period , creating the world’s longest “no rainfall time “record . Because too little rainfall , many parts of the Chilean Atacama Province, as desolate as Mars .

The southwestern United States , ” Death Valley ” is often considered the hottest , lowest altitude , one of the most dry , but the Mojave Desert in southern California, no less . In fact, the United States has recorded the longest drying time is California ‘s “Baghdad ” , from October 3, 1912 to November 8, 1914 , which continues to dry for up to 767 days , since 1991 , “Baghdad ” become a ” ghost town . ”

Where the world’s largest wind

13 . where the world’s largest wind

Federal Gulf in Antarctica , was the Guinness Book of World Records and the ” National Geographic Atlas of the “official as a ” place where the strongest winds on Earth . ” According to the relevant tests showed that the Federal Gulf of strong and steady wind , the wind speed up to 150 miles / hour (about 240 km / h ) .

Blanco is located in the southwestern corner of Oregon is another place where the strong wind , the prominent part of the Coos Bay deep into the Pacific Ocean . Blanco angle is the most western Oregon , where the wind speed in winter up to 125 miles / hour (about 200 km / h ) .

Where the world’s most flat

14 . the world’s most flat areas

Salar de Uyuni in southern Bolivia is gathered from the prehistoric lake dried up after a few , formed a few feet thick , covering an area over 4086 square miles (about 10,582 square kilometers ) of the vast “salt ” plain . “Salt ” Plain are few other creatures , because here there is the composition of salt Tai Liang Ping Li chemical sediments , about 70 % of the world’s lithium in place , therefore the continent there is no biological survival.

However, in November of each year , summer rains will attract pink flamingos to come , because there they like, such as red algae and brine shrimp and other food . Salar de Uyuni in fact at that time became more flat side of the ” mirror . ”

The world’s deepest cave

15 . the world’s deepest cave

Voronya caves (Russian meaning crow hole ) is located in the Republic of Abkhazia, Georgia , cave depth of 7188 feet (about 2191 meters ), and the dinosaur era limestone formation Alabeika considerable depth of the fault block . The cave was discovered in 1960 , this cave than the depth of the Austrian兰普雷希茨Soffen caves deeper , is currently the only known the depth of more than 2000 meters of the cave .

To explore the cave takes a lot of courage , Ukraine in 2004 when an expedition through the cave 2000 meters depth , it has marked the history of the cave refreshed . Crow hole depth from the Ukraine dedicated expedition obtained measurements in the fall of 2007 , but the data may change as time changes .

The world’s most remote continent

16 . the world’s most remote continent

Point of view from any direction , the U.S. central South Dakota is the farthest distance from the ocean ‘s . The Antarctic continent is the furthest away from us , where all the cold wilderness .

In 1958, the Soviet Union had established a base in the Antarctic Pole , but because of poor conditions they are quickly abandoned . But before leaving the base , the Soviet scientific expedition team has a plastic Lenin’s “Golden Statue “( actually plastic ), to mark that they had been to this remote place. Lenin ‘s eyes looked toward the direction of Moscow , in the statue they placed below a list of visitors there .


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