The world’s first Ferrari theme park at Yas Island will be the opening

Carnival fans

July 20 , Ferrari announced the world’s first Ferrari theme park , the world’s largest indoor theme park has entered the countdown to the park opened , 100 days later, at 12 o’clock on the October 28, 2010 the whole , the Ferrari World Abu Zha Than the Theme Park will open to the public .

The theme park covers an area of 200,000 square meters , the roof is red Ferrari flag , built more than 20 rides and exciting projects, which the world’s most innovative recreational facilities to attract the eye of the environment , a number of exciting projects will come Tourists from around the world to bring unprecedented multi-dimensional sensory experience .

Shown in these exciting projects the world’s most advanced among the speed of the magic contained in the adventure of “Nello” dream tour , visitors will be led by riders naughty , through the dark green of the jungle , ice caves and Canyon , experience the adventure novel 4D . Visitors also can take the world’s fastest roller coaster – Rosa Formula One may , within five seconds to accelerate to 240 kilometers per hour. The tour can take a virtual tour Maranello No. famous Maranello factory , before exploration can only Ferrari owners understand the mystery , a glimpse of the Ferrari sports car in the manufacturing process.

For Ferrari enthusiasts , fans , and many families, the Ferrari is the Ferrari World theme park in Abu Dhabi, past, present and future of the festival , which is scheduled at 12 o’clock on the October 28, 2010 the entire open to the public Will be a set of entertainment and lifestyle destination in Yas Island, one feature of the landmark .


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