Wonders ! The world’s ten leading doline

According to the National Geographic Web site reported , or tropical storm ” Agatha ” by the impact of heavy rain triggered , the capital of Guatemala Guatemala City area on May 30 there was a huge deep pit about 100 meters , so that people were shocked.
Strict interpretation of geological terms , doline (sinkhole) is the solid bedrock erosion due to water constantly , so that the formation of the surface collapsed a huge pit . In many parts of the United States are very likely to doline . The following is the world’s most famous doline .


2010 Guatemala doline

Guatemala giant pitDoline in turn further expansion of the term , namely, the ground suddenly collapsed . Guatemala City, part of the urban solid ground than in bedrock , but the layer of loose , by the composition of volcanic pumice stone , often hundreds of feet thick .
At least one geologist said , Guatemala City, the latest doline caused by pipeline leakage is not a natural phenomenon .
Overall, Guatemala repeat such incidents more likely , but very difficult to predict .


2007 Guatemala doline

In 2007, Guatemala City, there have been a similar doline , and that from the recent doline also not far . Judge according to photograph these two doline is about 60 feet in diameter (about 18 meters ) deep about 300 feet ( about 100 meters) . Generally, the authorities will use large stones and other debris will be doline fill . Over time, the water erosion and the drying effect of air will also cause doline inward tilt .
To Florida winter park doline , for example, the same inclination and Guatemala doline depth of about 100 feet (about 30 meters ) . However, Florida ” Sunshine State “reputation , adequate light , making doline slowly in about 24 hours tilting .
Missouri State University geologist Doug – Ge Wuze (Doug Gouzie) said: “I think around Guatemala City doline not collapse so quickly . ”


Florida Mulberry doline

The depth of 185 feet (about 56 m ) of the doline in 1994 in Mulberry , Florida City, where collapse occurred in the IMC-Agrico mining companies dumped a pile of waste .
The company was on rock mining to extractPhosphate. Phosphate is a chemical substance , is the main component of fertilizer , mainly for the manufacture of phosphoric acid, and enhancing the taste of soda and a variety of food . However, in the phosphate rock extracted from the future , the main components of the waste gypsum is filtered out as mud .
As the layers of plaster was dried to form a crack, just like there ‘s cracks in dry mud pie . Later, the constant flow of water in the cracks , underground material will be swept away , to create the conditions for doline formation .
U.S. regulators said , IMC-Agrico company should bear the responsibility of managing the doline , the underground drinking water supplies to avoid harm .


Belize City, the “blue hole ” doline

According to Missouri State University geologist Ge Wuze description , wherever , as long as the water level of erosion of the drainage system to connect the vertical channel , is likely to occurDolineBecause in this case, a large number of solid matter was washed away . If the doline near the coast or in the ocean – such as Honduras and Belize City, Lighthouse reef off the coast of the famous ” Blue Hole ” doline , water will quickly penetrate the collapse to form a bottomless pond .


Oklahoma Pichel ‘s The Pit

Mining zinc and lead mine for many years in Oklahoma and Kansas, covered the ground near the junction of Pichel ‘s The Pit , including pictures taken in 2008, this crater years . Some ore from the ground in the mining process are too close to the top of the top soil can not support the weight , leading to collapse . Missouri Ge Wuze said: “The Missouri andPennsylvaniaCoal mine near the West Pit also appeared . We build more and more mining technology , the top above the soil enough to support the weight . ”


Iceland Pit

Adventurer米克科伊纳and his canoe along the river the second Iceland – Qiaokuersa a pitfall of the Pit River upstream of decline .
Qiaokuersa river water from a glacier melt water , the depth 150 feet (about 45 meters ) of the inverted funnel -shaped crater from the bottom button of geothermal steam vents ejected due to the increase .


Mexico ik Kiel natural wells

A group of swimming enthusiasts in the Yikejier natural sapphire -colored water well enjoy swimming fun . This natural well is locatedMexicoThe ancient Maya site of Chichen Itza Yucatan Peninsula near . The Pit will appear in the sea is full of water , depth, and groundwater level equivalent to the formation of the famous clear blue pool . Maya royal family will relax in the pool and held within the ritual .


Pit Lisbon, Portugal

Taken in 2003PortugalLisbon , a tragic bus into a large crater in the street , ” Lunch . ” Missouri Gewu Ze said , can lead to ground water flow into the soil of any factors that can speed up the crater formed . In many cities, sewer , cable and other public infrastructure embedded in a trench filled with loose material , these filling material will be eventually washed away over time . In some cases , a section of road will eventually become a largely empty of concrete under the bridge . Ge Wuze said: ” At this point the road unable to bear the weight of trucks passing over . ”


Alabama “never sunk the hole “

Photos taken in 1998. Alabama “never sunk the pit “is aLimestonePit depth of about 50 feet ( about 15 meters ) or so , which live in a rare fern . 90’s of last century , a group who bought this pitfall exploratory tunnel , in this way protect the natural wonders for future generations .
Karst topography is usually dissolved limestone bed or the formation of clouds , Shiyan . Karst landforms are mainly located in the United States, Missouri, Arkansas , Kentucky , Tennessee , northern Alabama , Texas and Florida, most of the region . Hallmark of these areas is characterized by sinking streams, underground stream , large springs , caves and pit .


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