“Flea market” is how the name come from?

Flea market, by definition, is “flea market”, flea fleas. Market market. Even up as a flea market. But why the streets of operating second-hand market, known as the “flea” market? This is how the name come from?

The source of the flea market, there are two theories: According to the source language that scientists silent children, flea market was originally from New York Fly Market, Fly Market is New York’s Lower Manhattan area of a fixed market, the market from the American War of Independence (1775) has been extended to until about 1816. Fly The word comes from the Dutch market in the name of Vly or Vlie, the Dutch word meaning “valley”, is clever, it just sounds in the Dutch and English in the flea, as it is formed English in the flea market.

Another argument is that flea market originated in 19th century France, Le Marche aux Puces (French, literally meaning the equivalent of English in the market of the fleas) is a bargain in Paris specializing in selling the place. Early British often their old clothes, old things in the street, and those things where the old often have fleas, lice and other small insects. Gradually, people will call it thrift local flea market. We Chinese do, also literally translated into a flea market. One half-joked that the junk market in commodities is likely full of fleas, hence the name of the market.

In any case, twenty-twenties flea market for the first time in English, Flea market often refers to a weekend of informal market, flea market usually outdoors, where there are many vendors selling a variety of all sorts of things, many are used to old things, new things also, the price is very cheap.


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