Scientists magic “dry water” is what?

According to foreign media reports, the “dry water” the term seems to be fresh, but it sounds self-contradictory. However, the University of Liverpool scientist has indeed developed a wonderful “dry water.”

Many people may feel strange, they only know that liquid water, solid water and gaseous water, then the “dry water” is the nature of water? Some of this material, like sugar, it will be able to use chemical means revolutionary changes. “Dry water” of each particle contains a drop of water, the water droplets wrapped with a layer of sand around the silicon membrane. Therefore, the so-called “dry water”, in fact 95% of its composition is still “wet water.”

Scientists believe that the “dry water” can be used to absorb and capture the greenhouse gas carbon dioxide, which can be a partial solution to global warming. Experiments show that the absorption of carbon dioxide, the “dry water” the efficiency of the water three times higher than normal. Results also show that “dry water” can be used to store methane, and make full use of natural gas potential energy.

At the recent session of the American Chemical Society 240th International Conference, scientists from the University of Liverpool, The – Dr. Carter, his “dry water” research. Carter, said, “No other thing can be compared with it. We expected to see the ‘dry water’ in the future of a revolution.”

Carter’s research team also demonstrated a “dry water” Another application is the use of “dry water” as a catalyst to accelerate the hydrogen and the chemical reaction between the maleic acid. This reaction can generate acid, and succinic acid is widely used in pharmaceutical, food manufacturing, and other areas of key raw materials. Typically, hydrogen and maleic acid must be mixed together, will produce succinic acid. However, when maleic acid containing “dry water” particles, then unnecessary to stir, making the production process more green and efficient. Carter, said, “If you do not need to be able to use the mixing of chemical reactions, then you have a potentially significant savings in energy.”

The researchers believe this technology can be used to produce “dry” emulsion, also can not mix two or more kinds of liquids (water and oil) mixed together. Dry emulsion can store and transport hazardous liquids in the process safer and easier.


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