Why would the United States Death Valley rocks “themselves drift?”

Death Valley in California, the one area, there is such a strange phenomenon: the huge boulders, where slow-moving on their own, thus leaving a dry lake bed in a long trajectory. This strange phenomenon has puzzled scientists for decades, but so far no one can witness the actual moving process stone, no one can give a satisfactory and reasonable explanation.

This strange desert region known as the “runway dry lake” (Racetrack Playa), which is a dry lake bed, lake bed of clay has cracked into numerous pieces of small crack. This piece of lake bed about 4.5 km and a width of 2 km, and surprisingly flat. In this piece of lake bed, move the huge boulders left behind a track section. While no one can witness the actual moving process stone, but they are certainly moving, because as time goes by, their position and trajectory have been changing.

NASA scientists, Brian – Jackson, on the strange phenomena in this region more than four years of intensive research. Jackson explained that most of the moving rocks the size of the bottle with a liter of soda in size, but the quality is more important. “9 kg of stones in this piece of super-flat ground and will not easily slip, but in fact it is like they always move.”

Jackson introduced the stones on the Death Valley all the weird move on their own theories and explanations. He said, “I have heard alien theory, the magnetic field theory, etc., but the most plausible, is not really a reasonable explanation. It would not be in a man-made fools game, because if someone is promoting them, is bound to leaving footprints on the ground. “

The early summer, NASA’s Lunar and Planetary Science from the Institute of death valley group of young people came to this strange phenomena in depth. They not only collected a large number of GPS measurements and other data, but also regained three months ago, buried underground in the region of measurement devices, such as temperature and humidity meter. The temperature and humidity into account the size of watch rather, used to measure humidity and temperature, which is a NASA scientist Gunter – Kelaitezi check card buried in the region.

These young scientists have made a lot of research found that their current findings seem to further support the existing theory that in the winter season, around the rocks of the formation of ice, so they can be frozen in dry lake sliding surface. Scientists plan to officially release their findings this year found.

Jackson explained that these young people in the imperial examination in the course of the data collected can confirm that the dry lake in the winter will be wet and extremely cold, these conditions are sufficient to ensure the formation of ice. “This discovery is very encouraging. It tells us that stones move must have at least some of the conditions have been met. Very clear that these stones help in moving ice. However, some scientists algae blooms that could also be one of the factors leading to stones moving. “

Scientists believe that the “runway dry lake” study, not only could help scientists explain the many mysteries of our planet, but also contribute to a better understanding of other world environment. In a recent study, Jackson will be the region’s climatic conditions and the Lake Ontario on Titan’s climate conditions were compared. In Titan’s south pole, there is a huge lake of liquid hydrocarbons, due to size and shape similar to the North America’s Lake Ontario, it was named Ontario.

Jackson said that the stones will not move the mystery of his impact. Instead, this complex issue can encourage the development of science and progress. “In fact, everywhere the scientific unknown. I think the most exciting scientific research, is being studied but you do not understand the scientific project. As long as you have not been trapped by a problem, you will move toward the next question. “


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