Ten museums in the world what kind of amazing?

ABC inventory of the world’s most stunning museum building, the building itself is stunning sights, and even the number of tourists attracted to its internal work of art than the number of people watching more.

The world’s largest and most successful construction business and interior design firm HOK and the Baker Group, Petersburg, Florida, created the El Salvador – Dali Museum.

Designed by Iraqi architect Zaha Hadid’s latest contemporary art venue in Rome “Maxxi Museum”, a special light filters through the roof system into the interior, visitors will be an unexpected route through the entire building. It is a steel and glass structures of modern architecture, collection of Italian contemporary art. Model can be seen from the project, it is rather like a complex and tortuous rail transfer depot, once the Italian army barracks.

Guggenheim Museum Bilbao, Spain, by the California architect Frank Gehry designed, was officially opened in 1997. Museum of the use of glass in the building materials, steel and limestone, part of the surface is also coated with titanium metal, and the city’s shipbuilding industry has long been the traditional echoes. Bilbao Guggenheim Museum, Chi Mei’s model, specific structures and new materials, as it won the “world’s most interesting and most beautiful museum.”

Metz, France’s Pompidou museum of modern art museum in Paris branch, hexagonal wooden structure and the hexagonal cap much like the Chinese.

Denver Art Museum commissioned the design of its expansion of construction gold, can not help think of Denver near the Rocky Mountains and geometric-shaped crystal was found.

King or the Royal Ontario Museum, Toronto, Canada, head of the expansion plan, Canada’s largest museum also has the largest collection of museums. Five interlocking self-supporting construction and the museum connected to the original main building, outside is 25% aluminum 75% glass mix.

Niemeyer in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil Museum of Contemporary Art is Aosikani Meier and completed in 1996, located in a cliff, looks much like the spaceship.

San Francisco Palace of Fine Arts building is not to attract tourists, but its striking looks strange. This is the Palace of Fine Arts in 1915 Panama Pacific International Exposition in part, the original plan can be as long as the support for one year. But after several restored, and now it is already there that the only fair construction.

Valencia “Art Science City,” called the Spanish base in the entertainment culture, its architecture combines the cinemas, parks, science museums, aquariums and theaters. Spain’s most popular tourist attraction here as to where the tourists want to see the amazing buildings.

R · Solomon Guggenheim Museum is the world’s most famous private museum of modern art, is one of a global chain operated by the art venue. The design of American architect Frank Lloyd Delaitre, look like a tea cup, or like a huge white spring, probably because some said helix structure like conch.


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