Vatican interesting than the smaller country is where?

As a king Jiabeng This makes people aware that there are countries in the world now had a population of only 360 people, which are now a number of SMEs than the number of employees the company is even less. And this country named “Saibo Jia Emirates”, is located in northwest Italy, near the French border. The Grand Duchy is a small private country, though small perfectly formed, both the Basic Law, also has its own common currency, even issue its own passports, and even the military has (total armed forces of several soldiers, all love peace no service revolver). However, the most interesting of his cabinet and parliament.

King under the command of eight ministers of political accountability, but I saw the newspaper coverage of the restaurant only serve as foreign minister, seven other ministers did not disclose the arrangements. However, if the King who is strong enough governance, I believe will serve as Secretary of Defense to find security guards, cashiers concurrently Minister of Finance, Minister of Construction site part-time sub-contractors and so on. In addition, the Grand Duchy of Congress Sebo Jia, a total of 24 members, from the grocery store part-time madame speaker, and they had canceled the functional constituencies, so all the seats are returned by universal suffrage.

All this is finally known around the world, due to its 73-year-old king has Caborn Jiabeng, and he not only unmarried life, not to leave a half descent, which for a time the throne is unclear who will be inheritance. People also could not help but do not think this little Sebo Jia Grand Duchy of the Chinese people naturally think of the most vulnerable, “arrogant” This expression.


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