The most beautiful exotic underwater transparent biological What?

Big world of wonders, following these underwater creatures transparent or nearly transparent, does not mean they all will be revealed. On the contrary, there is no color that they can not only help them escape predators. At the same time, with good transparency also make him more beautiful and precious, of course, also greatly increased its potential extinction. Do not know for decades or centuries, we still can not see them all. 1, transparent sea squirt bottle Previously used as a fairly simple basic forms of marine life, sea squirt bottle, and now is considered the planet’s most efficient biological carbon sequestration. According to scientists estimated that one third of the carbon dioxide produced by humans, can be disposed of sea squirt bottle. They often eat phytoplankton, and excretion of a dense carbon-rich globular stool, these droppings will quickly sink to the seabed. Sea squirt bottle is almost completely transparent, only their stomach will expose their location. Bottles of sea squirts are social animals, they are often connected together to form like in the complex structure.

2, transparent “glass frog”

This peculiar shape of frogs living in Venezuela and the Amazon and Orinoco River basin, are forward-looking star frog amphibian species Branch (Centrolenidae) family, they can not hear most of the body is a green lemon green, abdominal skin is transparent, Therefore, careful observation of the naked eye can find them as long as the heart, liver and digestive tract can glance from the transparent skin.

3, head transparent deep-sea fish

This physical structure of strange deep-sea fish called a “bucket of fish eyes” (Barreleye) found that in 1939, when specimens of this deep-sea fish rise from the seabed surface in the process of Shanghai, suffered great destruction. Their scientific name is “Macropinna microstoma”, its most unusual place is a long tube with transparent barrel head and eyes. Its eyes are very sensitive to light, and can freely rotate, they can, through a transparent, liquid-filled head at the top of the head to watch the game, its barrel tubular eyes embedded in his head, covered by the bright green of the vitreous . When the head appeared above the prey, their eyes will rotate upwards, were observed through the transparent head; the fish head is not above the compound eyes of two small spots, but it’s nostrils, which have the human nose similarities.

4, transparent amphipods

This transparent amphipods of the scientific name is “Phronima”, it is the recent discovery in the Arctic deep-sea mountain range in one of a number of exotic species. To survive, such as tiny shrimp like marine life from the inside to the field itself revealed, in hope that this escape predators, and thus transparent disappear. It is reported that many deep-sea environment, small organisms are good at transparency, it will be easy to better themselves and their environment in the stealth camouflage.

5, amazing transparent jellyfish

Jellyfish swimming in the water it is possible the door coelenterate family member, their footprints all over every ocean, from ocean surface to the depths. Many jellyfish are transparent, that people sometimes can not see its traces. As shown, this is a Arctapodema type jellyfish, its length was 2.5 cm (1 inch).

Is now with the ocean water temperature increases, their number will rapidly increase. Jellyfish often appear to be transparent, they will use this advantage sneaking into fish, the prey fish near them. Meanwhile, with the glass squid and other deep-sea marine animals, such a transparent jellyfish near the use of bioluminescence to attract prey, and then use their tentacles to catch. Comb jellyfish in the figure show the beautiful rainbow colors, on the other marine animals, their appeal is very deadly.

6, transparent squid

Transparent squid live in the southern marine environment, its scientific name is called “Teuthowenia pellucida”, with its eyes on the long optical organs and body with his ability to drive into a ball like a hedgehog as aquatic. It is the many deep-sea fish prey, such as: clown sharks, whales and seabirds.


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