charm inventory


1 . Appreciation of Art in Florence, Italy

Art -loving women in here like a duck . The world’s top fine art and architecture gathered here . Michelangelo ‘s ” David ” , Florence Victoria Palace and Sandro Gio and profits , ” The Birth of Venus . ” You can own trip , you can play with the group .

But must remember to enjoy complete spiritual food , then enjoy the food of Florence – a cup of sweetness of the Italian ice cream (gelato). After all, no woman can refuse the temptation of sweets . And then a cup of hot chocolate , walk through the Arno river , revel in the fragrant beauty of food and pleasing to the eye .


2 . Miami South Coast

Like to focus and act as the focus of the sisters on Miami ‘s south coast rush . Here is the best venue to show off attractive appearance . In the white sandy beach on a big show of hot bikini , wild nightclubs to show you beautiful makeup and clothing .

Miami also has a well-known Key, is the city ‘s most beautiful scenery the land . The island is Key Biscayne. RickenbackerCauseway scenery on both sides , good and definitely in South Florida . To travel KeyBiscayne, pay a dollar toll , but simply enjoy sea views on both sides have been worthwhile. This Easter holiday , the most suitable day trip , a young and old .


3 . French Provence lavender flowers of

Provence lavender in Provence, southern France , from the date of birth on her carefully guarded secret , until the arrival of the British Bidemeier , Provence has a unique life style long before the veil of gradually exposing Open . Mel ‘s pen in the ” Provence “is no longer a mere geographical name , but also represents a simple and worry-free , easy lazy way of life , a Chongrubujing , see Pretrial to blossom ; fate of intention , Hope heaven Yunjuanyunshu the leisurely mood . If travel is to get rid of the shackles of life , make you forget all Provence .

Flirtatious women eager to stretch or escape to enjoy the quiet heart , Provence ready for you all that , life here is simple and noble , the pace slowed down here alone , properly puff forget Kusaka , taste delicious Cheese is also a rare realm of life .


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