Leonardo – DiCaprio : I’m not dreaming of the person

Hollywood actor Leonardo DiCaprio has a strong mass base in China , I believe most of the girls in the bedroom after 80 have been posted “Jack “poster , all because in 1998 the Department of madness that”Titanic”. That year ‘s OscarAwards, “Titanic” Total Annihilation and the male and female , but that does not matter , after which Leonardo has been lost and there have been struggling with the halo of the foolhardy idol , until he met Ma Dingse can Sith gave him Approximate and completely changed . “The Aviator” ” The Departed “” closed island “Let him slowly into acting school . Leonardo starred in the last two years continuously , an unhappy marriage , the role of mental depression , brows are locked tighter and tighter. To promote her new film ” Pirates of the dream space ” DiCaprio telephone interview , said the role of the troubled star to get his unique life experience . Take the Chinese audience , ” even if you jump I will not dance (If You Jump I Will Not Jump With you) ” and ” Titanic “Classic lines for comparison, that mature men do not believe in love , he responded that he is like Jack And Rose ‘s love and the love of Cobb and his wife, as is unforgettable .

On the Creation of ” Pirates of the Dream ” in real life I do not want Pirates of the dream and the dream of planting

Reporter: real life, there had been a dream confused ? ” Pirates of the dream space “after their dreams will have a different understanding ?

Leonardo DiCaprio (hereinafter referred to Leonardo ) : I was not dreaming, and also on the dream never had any idea this issue . I have read some books on dream interpretation , Freud ‘s ” Interpretation of Dreams ” and so on , trying to get some inspiration to those inside the book . Later, I found the film entirely克里斯诺兰understanding of the dreams and imagination , which has a unique structure , rules, these are also one of Nolan ‘s creative content . To this end, I have to do is basically the next two months, Gesanchawu to Jiugen Chris sat together to talk , understand , analyze this dream where he created all .

Reporter: shooting , there are no confusing , I do not know when why they ? The film can be complicated enough .

Leonardo : the structure of the story is very ambitious . Nolan the director said at the beginning was one of us , going to six different location around the world to shoot , so once again from the visual experience of the script , the feeling is very shocking . This is the charm of the film can bring . Can you clearly identify the circumstances , every dream is a new experience.

Reporter : Do you play the Pirates of the dreamer can implant ideas . If you really have this ability , you most want to do that?

Leonardo : there are people in Europe and the United States asked around this issue, my answer is the same in : I Buhui use这种super abilities Bu Hui Xiang invade other people as the film ‘s Sirenkongjian . Control of other people thought the film in the idea, I think this is the fate of others in the upset , I do not want to do anything with the thing.

Love like Jack Cobb about the same as unforgettable love

Reporter: The film “Even if you jump I will not dance (If You Jump I Will Not Jump With you) ” in the dialogue , is that you on the “Titanic “and” You jump I jump (You Jump I Jump) ” pay tribute to it?

Leonardo : ” Pirates of the dream of space ” is a movie about love . Cobb , in reality lost his beloved wife , can only dream to continue with her ” with ” , that means he loves her . Although the film takes place in a dream, but one of the love story is very real . Like “Titanic” Li Jieke and love , like Ross , Cobb and his wife love is unforgettable .

Reporter : Do you see how real love ? In reality, you look forward to marriage?

Leonardo : Love ? Love is a very wonderful ah . I do not want to answer the latter question , I am sorry .

Reporter: In the ” closed island ” and ” Pirates of the dream space ” of the role of the many similarities , they have lost a beloved wife. How do you think these two roles ?

Leonardo : The two films have similarities . ” closed island “role often to see hallucinations , ” Pirates of the dream space ” Cobb was not distinguish reality and dreams . ” Pirates of the dream space ” in the role of indulging in the dream, he locked themselves in their own consciousness to create the prison ; while ” closed island ” role to strongly break free from their illusion out .

On Oscar

Ultimately decided by the audience and the critic

Reporter: ” large “( he was on a movie shown in China ) , we almost do not see you clear the screen, smile , and why you get so serious ? Or say you like the serious , profound role?

Leonardo : I choose these roles , mainly because of their emotional resonance can be . Many of them find themselves in trouble , I think playing them gives me the opportunity to experience their unique life. I never thought about it I like what type of role , I just leap of faith .

Reporter: If the ” closed island ” and ” Pirates of the dream space ” of choice, which one do you think with Oscar nominated for best actor to grasp more ?

Leonardo : I do not know the final outcome is decided by the audience and critics , and they are the referees . This is not about I can .

Reporter : In the past few years you have had with many large co- director , Martin Scorsese is one of more cooperation , and ” Pirates of the dream space ” director Christopher Nolan is a young director , co-operation with both of them What is the difference of place?

Leonardo : I am fortunate to work with these great directors . Great director , why can successfully shoot a Decree audience ponder another classic movie ? I think the reason is that they grasp the entire film . In the studio , he is very flexible, imaginative , full of the performance space to the actors . I would like to talk to their commonality , for example, they are well into the film they want to see what they are confident .

On the “Titanic”

After the film I can choose the role

Reporter : Because “Titanic” , you become a household name in China, the star . From the film shown in China for 12 years , you look back at this film like?

Leonardo : Because “Titanic” success , I was able to choose their favorite star in the film . I have deep feelings of the film , often think of the scene was shot . Until today, I was good friends with Kate Winslet . The reason why this film so successful because it attracted a worldwide audience sympathy , I can become a member of the film feel very honored . After the film I was able to control their own career , acting talent to become a .

Reporter : Recently, the role of the psychological drama of your very challenging , there did not feel pain ? How do you in the role of conversion in real life ?

Leonardo : What is interesting is the role you have to feel the pain of heart , when it is able to show more real . Of course, you want to distinguish between acting and real life . Every time I interpret a role in the success of the heart will feel a sense of achievement after , but it will not confuse the roles and real life . Video taken 4-5 months time , that is my real life , I want to work every day , like how to perform better , it is like to own a vacation life , experience the life of others . My conversion is to tell yourself this is just a job , after I got home I own . For me, the reality and role of the conversion is not a problem .

Reporter: I heard that you will star in Aquaman ( diving Xia )?

Leonardo : my film production company is shooting Aquaman, also is negotiating with Warner Bros. the cooperation of several other films . For me , so far have not moved my heart to star in a super hero role . But everything is possible , who knows? My father was a comic book dealer , I was a kid favorite is the Sub-Mariner ( Sea Prince ), he is Marvel Comics version of Aquaman.


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