Vatican interesting than the smaller country is where?

As a king Jiabeng This makes people aware that there are countries in the world now had a population of only 360 people, which are now a number of SMEs than the number of employees the company is even less. And this country named “Saibo Jia Emirates”, is located in northwest Italy, near the French border. The Grand Duchy is a small private country, though small perfectly formed, both the Basic Law, also has its own common currency, even issue its own passports, and even the military has (total armed forces of several soldiers, all love peace no service revolver). However, the most interesting of his cabinet and parliament.

King under the command of eight ministers of political accountability, but I saw the newspaper coverage of the restaurant only serve as foreign minister, seven other ministers did not disclose the arrangements. However, if the King who is strong enough governance, I believe will serve as Secretary of Defense to find security guards, cashiers concurrently Minister of Finance, Minister of Construction site part-time sub-contractors and so on. In addition, the Grand Duchy of Congress Sebo Jia, a total of 24 members, from the grocery store part-time madame speaker, and they had canceled the functional constituencies, so all the seats are returned by universal suffrage.

All this is finally known around the world, due to its 73-year-old king has Caborn Jiabeng, and he not only unmarried life, not to leave a half descent, which for a time the throne is unclear who will be inheritance. People also could not help but do not think this little Sebo Jia Grand Duchy of the Chinese people naturally think of the most vulnerable, “arrogant” This expression.

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Ten museums in the world what kind of amazing?

ABC inventory of the world’s most stunning museum building, the building itself is stunning sights, and even the number of tourists attracted to its internal work of art than the number of people watching more.

The world’s largest and most successful construction business and interior design firm HOK and the Baker Group, Petersburg, Florida, created the El Salvador – Dali Museum.

Designed by Iraqi architect Zaha Hadid’s latest contemporary art venue in Rome “Maxxi Museum”, a special light filters through the roof system into the interior, visitors will be an unexpected route through the entire building. It is a steel and glass structures of modern architecture, collection of Italian contemporary art. Model can be seen from the project, it is rather like a complex and tortuous rail transfer depot, once the Italian army barracks.

Guggenheim Museum Bilbao, Spain, by the California architect Frank Gehry designed, was officially opened in 1997. Museum of the use of glass in the building materials, steel and limestone, part of the surface is also coated with titanium metal, and the city’s shipbuilding industry has long been the traditional echoes. Bilbao Guggenheim Museum, Chi Mei’s model, specific structures and new materials, as it won the “world’s most interesting and most beautiful museum.”

Metz, France’s Pompidou museum of modern art museum in Paris branch, hexagonal wooden structure and the hexagonal cap much like the Chinese.

Denver Art Museum commissioned the design of its expansion of construction gold, can not help think of Denver near the Rocky Mountains and geometric-shaped crystal was found.

King or the Royal Ontario Museum, Toronto, Canada, head of the expansion plan, Canada’s largest museum also has the largest collection of museums. Five interlocking self-supporting construction and the museum connected to the original main building, outside is 25% aluminum 75% glass mix.

Niemeyer in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil Museum of Contemporary Art is Aosikani Meier and completed in 1996, located in a cliff, looks much like the spaceship.

San Francisco Palace of Fine Arts building is not to attract tourists, but its striking looks strange. This is the Palace of Fine Arts in 1915 Panama Pacific International Exposition in part, the original plan can be as long as the support for one year. But after several restored, and now it is already there that the only fair construction.

Valencia “Art Science City,” called the Spanish base in the entertainment culture, its architecture combines the cinemas, parks, science museums, aquariums and theaters. Spain’s most popular tourist attraction here as to where the tourists want to see the amazing buildings.

R · Solomon Guggenheim Museum is the world’s most famous private museum of modern art, is one of a global chain operated by the art venue. The design of American architect Frank Lloyd Delaitre, look like a tea cup, or like a huge white spring, probably because some said helix structure like conch.

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“Flea market” is how the name come from?

Flea market, by definition, is “flea market”, flea fleas. Market market. Even up as a flea market. But why the streets of operating second-hand market, known as the “flea” market? This is how the name come from?

The source of the flea market, there are two theories: According to the source language that scientists silent children, flea market was originally from New York Fly Market, Fly Market is New York’s Lower Manhattan area of a fixed market, the market from the American War of Independence (1775) has been extended to until about 1816. Fly The word comes from the Dutch market in the name of Vly or Vlie, the Dutch word meaning “valley”, is clever, it just sounds in the Dutch and English in the flea, as it is formed English in the flea market.

Another argument is that flea market originated in 19th century France, Le Marche aux Puces (French, literally meaning the equivalent of English in the market of the fleas) is a bargain in Paris specializing in selling the place. Early British often their old clothes, old things in the street, and those things where the old often have fleas, lice and other small insects. Gradually, people will call it thrift local flea market. We Chinese do, also literally translated into a flea market. One half-joked that the junk market in commodities is likely full of fleas, hence the name of the market.

In any case, twenty-twenties flea market for the first time in English, Flea market often refers to a weekend of informal market, flea market usually outdoors, where there are many vendors selling a variety of all sorts of things, many are used to old things, new things also, the price is very cheap.

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Why would the United States Death Valley rocks “themselves drift?”

Death Valley in California, the one area, there is such a strange phenomenon: the huge boulders, where slow-moving on their own, thus leaving a dry lake bed in a long trajectory. This strange phenomenon has puzzled scientists for decades, but so far no one can witness the actual moving process stone, no one can give a satisfactory and reasonable explanation.

This strange desert region known as the “runway dry lake” (Racetrack Playa), which is a dry lake bed, lake bed of clay has cracked into numerous pieces of small crack. This piece of lake bed about 4.5 km and a width of 2 km, and surprisingly flat. In this piece of lake bed, move the huge boulders left behind a track section. While no one can witness the actual moving process stone, but they are certainly moving, because as time goes by, their position and trajectory have been changing.

NASA scientists, Brian – Jackson, on the strange phenomena in this region more than four years of intensive research. Jackson explained that most of the moving rocks the size of the bottle with a liter of soda in size, but the quality is more important. “9 kg of stones in this piece of super-flat ground and will not easily slip, but in fact it is like they always move.”

Jackson introduced the stones on the Death Valley all the weird move on their own theories and explanations. He said, “I have heard alien theory, the magnetic field theory, etc., but the most plausible, is not really a reasonable explanation. It would not be in a man-made fools game, because if someone is promoting them, is bound to leaving footprints on the ground. “

The early summer, NASA’s Lunar and Planetary Science from the Institute of death valley group of young people came to this strange phenomena in depth. They not only collected a large number of GPS measurements and other data, but also regained three months ago, buried underground in the region of measurement devices, such as temperature and humidity meter. The temperature and humidity into account the size of watch rather, used to measure humidity and temperature, which is a NASA scientist Gunter – Kelaitezi check card buried in the region.

These young scientists have made a lot of research found that their current findings seem to further support the existing theory that in the winter season, around the rocks of the formation of ice, so they can be frozen in dry lake sliding surface. Scientists plan to officially release their findings this year found.

Jackson explained that these young people in the imperial examination in the course of the data collected can confirm that the dry lake in the winter will be wet and extremely cold, these conditions are sufficient to ensure the formation of ice. “This discovery is very encouraging. It tells us that stones move must have at least some of the conditions have been met. Very clear that these stones help in moving ice. However, some scientists algae blooms that could also be one of the factors leading to stones moving. “

Scientists believe that the “runway dry lake” study, not only could help scientists explain the many mysteries of our planet, but also contribute to a better understanding of other world environment. In a recent study, Jackson will be the region’s climatic conditions and the Lake Ontario on Titan’s climate conditions were compared. In Titan’s south pole, there is a huge lake of liquid hydrocarbons, due to size and shape similar to the North America’s Lake Ontario, it was named Ontario.

Jackson said that the stones will not move the mystery of his impact. Instead, this complex issue can encourage the development of science and progress. “In fact, everywhere the scientific unknown. I think the most exciting scientific research, is being studied but you do not understand the scientific project. As long as you have not been trapped by a problem, you will move toward the next question. “

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Scientists magic “dry water” is what?

According to foreign media reports, the “dry water” the term seems to be fresh, but it sounds self-contradictory. However, the University of Liverpool scientist has indeed developed a wonderful “dry water.”

Many people may feel strange, they only know that liquid water, solid water and gaseous water, then the “dry water” is the nature of water? Some of this material, like sugar, it will be able to use chemical means revolutionary changes. “Dry water” of each particle contains a drop of water, the water droplets wrapped with a layer of sand around the silicon membrane. Therefore, the so-called “dry water”, in fact 95% of its composition is still “wet water.”

Scientists believe that the “dry water” can be used to absorb and capture the greenhouse gas carbon dioxide, which can be a partial solution to global warming. Experiments show that the absorption of carbon dioxide, the “dry water” the efficiency of the water three times higher than normal. Results also show that “dry water” can be used to store methane, and make full use of natural gas potential energy.

At the recent session of the American Chemical Society 240th International Conference, scientists from the University of Liverpool, The – Dr. Carter, his “dry water” research. Carter, said, “No other thing can be compared with it. We expected to see the ‘dry water’ in the future of a revolution.”

Carter’s research team also demonstrated a “dry water” Another application is the use of “dry water” as a catalyst to accelerate the hydrogen and the chemical reaction between the maleic acid. This reaction can generate acid, and succinic acid is widely used in pharmaceutical, food manufacturing, and other areas of key raw materials. Typically, hydrogen and maleic acid must be mixed together, will produce succinic acid. However, when maleic acid containing “dry water” particles, then unnecessary to stir, making the production process more green and efficient. Carter, said, “If you do not need to be able to use the mixing of chemical reactions, then you have a potentially significant savings in energy.”

The researchers believe this technology can be used to produce “dry” emulsion, also can not mix two or more kinds of liquids (water and oil) mixed together. Dry emulsion can store and transport hazardous liquids in the process safer and easier.

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Wonders ! The world’s ten leading doline

According to the National Geographic Web site reported , or tropical storm ” Agatha ” by the impact of heavy rain triggered , the capital of Guatemala Guatemala City area on May 30 there was a huge deep pit about 100 meters , so that people were shocked.
Strict interpretation of geological terms , doline (sinkhole) is the solid bedrock erosion due to water constantly , so that the formation of the surface collapsed a huge pit . In many parts of the United States are very likely to doline . The following is the world’s most famous doline .


2010 Guatemala doline

Guatemala giant pitDoline in turn further expansion of the term , namely, the ground suddenly collapsed . Guatemala City, part of the urban solid ground than in bedrock , but the layer of loose , by the composition of volcanic pumice stone , often hundreds of feet thick .
At least one geologist said , Guatemala City, the latest doline caused by pipeline leakage is not a natural phenomenon .
Overall, Guatemala repeat such incidents more likely , but very difficult to predict .


2007 Guatemala doline

In 2007, Guatemala City, there have been a similar doline , and that from the recent doline also not far . Judge according to photograph these two doline is about 60 feet in diameter (about 18 meters ) deep about 300 feet ( about 100 meters) . Generally, the authorities will use large stones and other debris will be doline fill . Over time, the water erosion and the drying effect of air will also cause doline inward tilt .
To Florida winter park doline , for example, the same inclination and Guatemala doline depth of about 100 feet (about 30 meters ) . However, Florida ” Sunshine State “reputation , adequate light , making doline slowly in about 24 hours tilting .
Missouri State University geologist Doug – Ge Wuze (Doug Gouzie) said: “I think around Guatemala City doline not collapse so quickly . ”


Florida Mulberry doline

The depth of 185 feet (about 56 m ) of the doline in 1994 in Mulberry , Florida City, where collapse occurred in the IMC-Agrico mining companies dumped a pile of waste .
The company was on rock mining to extractPhosphate. Phosphate is a chemical substance , is the main component of fertilizer , mainly for the manufacture of phosphoric acid, and enhancing the taste of soda and a variety of food . However, in the phosphate rock extracted from the future , the main components of the waste gypsum is filtered out as mud .
As the layers of plaster was dried to form a crack, just like there ‘s cracks in dry mud pie . Later, the constant flow of water in the cracks , underground material will be swept away , to create the conditions for doline formation .
U.S. regulators said , IMC-Agrico company should bear the responsibility of managing the doline , the underground drinking water supplies to avoid harm .


Belize City, the “blue hole ” doline

According to Missouri State University geologist Ge Wuze description , wherever , as long as the water level of erosion of the drainage system to connect the vertical channel , is likely to occurDolineBecause in this case, a large number of solid matter was washed away . If the doline near the coast or in the ocean – such as Honduras and Belize City, Lighthouse reef off the coast of the famous ” Blue Hole ” doline , water will quickly penetrate the collapse to form a bottomless pond .


Oklahoma Pichel ‘s The Pit

Mining zinc and lead mine for many years in Oklahoma and Kansas, covered the ground near the junction of Pichel ‘s The Pit , including pictures taken in 2008, this crater years . Some ore from the ground in the mining process are too close to the top of the top soil can not support the weight , leading to collapse . Missouri Ge Wuze said: “The Missouri andPennsylvaniaCoal mine near the West Pit also appeared . We build more and more mining technology , the top above the soil enough to support the weight . ”


Iceland Pit

Adventurer米克科伊纳and his canoe along the river the second Iceland – Qiaokuersa a pitfall of the Pit River upstream of decline .
Qiaokuersa river water from a glacier melt water , the depth 150 feet (about 45 meters ) of the inverted funnel -shaped crater from the bottom button of geothermal steam vents ejected due to the increase .


Mexico ik Kiel natural wells

A group of swimming enthusiasts in the Yikejier natural sapphire -colored water well enjoy swimming fun . This natural well is locatedMexicoThe ancient Maya site of Chichen Itza Yucatan Peninsula near . The Pit will appear in the sea is full of water , depth, and groundwater level equivalent to the formation of the famous clear blue pool . Maya royal family will relax in the pool and held within the ritual .


Pit Lisbon, Portugal

Taken in 2003PortugalLisbon , a tragic bus into a large crater in the street , ” Lunch . ” Missouri Gewu Ze said , can lead to ground water flow into the soil of any factors that can speed up the crater formed . In many cities, sewer , cable and other public infrastructure embedded in a trench filled with loose material , these filling material will be eventually washed away over time . In some cases , a section of road will eventually become a largely empty of concrete under the bridge . Ge Wuze said: ” At this point the road unable to bear the weight of trucks passing over . ”


Alabama “never sunk the hole “

Photos taken in 1998. Alabama “never sunk the pit “is aLimestonePit depth of about 50 feet ( about 15 meters ) or so , which live in a rare fern . 90’s of last century , a group who bought this pitfall exploratory tunnel , in this way protect the natural wonders for future generations .
Karst topography is usually dissolved limestone bed or the formation of clouds , Shiyan . Karst landforms are mainly located in the United States, Missouri, Arkansas , Kentucky , Tennessee , northern Alabama , Texas and Florida, most of the region . Hallmark of these areas is characterized by sinking streams, underground stream , large springs , caves and pit .

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The world’s first Ferrari theme park at Yas Island will be the opening

Carnival fans

July 20 , Ferrari announced the world’s first Ferrari theme park , the world’s largest indoor theme park has entered the countdown to the park opened , 100 days later, at 12 o’clock on the October 28, 2010 the whole , the Ferrari World Abu Zha Than the Theme Park will open to the public .

The theme park covers an area of 200,000 square meters , the roof is red Ferrari flag , built more than 20 rides and exciting projects, which the world’s most innovative recreational facilities to attract the eye of the environment , a number of exciting projects will come Tourists from around the world to bring unprecedented multi-dimensional sensory experience .

Shown in these exciting projects the world’s most advanced among the speed of the magic contained in the adventure of “Nello” dream tour , visitors will be led by riders naughty , through the dark green of the jungle , ice caves and Canyon , experience the adventure novel 4D . Visitors also can take the world’s fastest roller coaster – Rosa Formula One may , within five seconds to accelerate to 240 kilometers per hour. The tour can take a virtual tour Maranello No. famous Maranello factory , before exploration can only Ferrari owners understand the mystery , a glimpse of the Ferrari sports car in the manufacturing process.

For Ferrari enthusiasts , fans , and many families, the Ferrari is the Ferrari World theme park in Abu Dhabi, past, present and future of the festival , which is scheduled at 12 o’clock on the October 28, 2010 the entire open to the public Will be a set of entertainment and lifestyle destination in Yas Island, one feature of the landmark .

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